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House Divided On Authority To Assess Private Wind And Solar Farms: State Or Counties

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Rep. Clark Stith talks on the House floor about House Bill 3 on Tuesday. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

After a lively discussion, the Wyoming House of Representatives passed a bill that will have the state resume property tax assessments of wind and solar farms not regulated by the Wyoming Public Service Commission. 

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Cat Urbigkit: Wyoming 100 Years Ago — Some Same Arguments, But At Least We Have Legal Booze

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Star Valley Saloon, courtesy Wyo State Archives

Columnist Cat Urbigkit writes: “A look back at Wyoming newspapers issued 100 years ago this week found that the nation was generally grumbling over prohibition laws and the promise of more “Blue laws” that were designed to preserve the Sabbath.”

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Suspects Roll Car After Leading Law Enforcement On 30-Mile High Speed Chase In Albany/Laramie Counties

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Photo Courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol

Suspects involved in a theft out of Laramie led Wyoming Highway Patrol and the Albany County Sheriff’s department on a 30-mile high speed chase before rolling their car because they couldn’t handle the exit ramp.

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Parasite May Make Wyoming Wolves – And People – Bolder, More Ambitious And Even Sexier

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(Photo by William Campbell/Sygma via Getty Images)

A parasite thought to be present in 27% of Yellowstone wolves makes makes the animal act more boldly and more likely to take a leadership position. In humans, it is thought to boost sex-appeal, although that is difficult to quantify, scientists said.

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Jonathan Lange: Local Library or Seedy Adult Book Store? The true Censorship at Your Local Wyoming Library

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Columnist Jonathan Lange writes: “Anyone unable to see why parents should object to the open display of “Doing It,” “The V-Word,” and “This Book is Gay,” in the children’s section of a library has no business being around our children.

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