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Your Morning Sunrise: Monday, January 31, 2022

in Photography

Wyoming photographer Matt Hartsky writes: “Sometime last year, this torn and tattered cowboy hat appeared on an apparently random leaning fence post in the middle of nowhere Wyoming.”

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Dave Bell: Autumn in Grand Teton National Park

in Dave Bell/Photography

Pinedale photographer captured the magic of Autumn in Wyoming at Grand Teton National Park.

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Wyoming Fall Foliage With Pinedale’s Dave Bell

in Photography

Pinedale’s Dave Bell is one of the best photographers in the nation. Today he shows, in the words of Bob Seger, that “Autumn is closing in…”

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Mother Nature Puts On Real Fireworks Show On July Four

in Photography

Wyoming photographer Tim Mandese had a dilemma on July 4: keep his camera on the fireworks or take photos of the show Mother Nature was putting on…

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Image of Dove Appearing to Grieve Over Death of Mate in Wyoming Goes Viral

in Photography

The Wyoming photographer said the live bird seemed to be bowing its head in sorrow or prayer next to its deceased mate.

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Fighter Jets Take Off From Cheyenne Airport

in Photography

You never know what type of aircraft you’ll see on the runway at the Cheyenne Airport.

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Time-Lapse: Winds at Elk Mountain

in Photography

Our friend Dave Bell, from, took this time lapse at Elk Mountain on Saturday afternoon.

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