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Snowmobilers Say Don’t Plow Road But Some Cooke City Residents Say People Will Die If They Don’t

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Cooke City and Silvergate residents say by plowing the only road usable in the winter, patients could get to the Cody, Wyoming hospital in three hours unlike the six hour trip it currently takes to Livingston, Montana. Snowmobilers say no way.

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Race Against Time: Critical Yellowstone Road Must Be Fixed Soon Or Tourism Would Take Direct Hit

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NPS/Jacob W. Frank

If a key road, which was destroyed during the Yellowstone floods, isn’t fixed by the time snow flies, the only other road to Yellowstone communities will have to be plowed. That would ruin the snowmobile industry, tourism officials say.

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With Surging Visitation, Yellowstone Superintendent Worries About Working Toilets Not Old Faithful

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Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly said with increased visitation he’s not worried about natural resources being harmed but he is concerned with a million more people flushing the toilet five times a day which has a big impact on wastewater treatment facilities.

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