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Outdoor Gear Businessman Says His Wyoming “I Hate People” Decal Is One Of His Bestsellers

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Don’t get Craig Bell wrong, just because one of the most popular products with his Wyoming customers is a vinyl decal proclaiming “I Hate People,” that doesn’t mean he actually hates people. Except when he sees a trailhead full of cars…

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$10 Million ‘World-Class’ Shooting Complex Could Make Wyoming An International Destination

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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Wyoming has missed the mark by not having a world-class shooting complex that could draw tourism and boost the state to international status among firearms and archery enthusiasts, say proponents who are trying to launch the project. 

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Livestock Guardian Dogs Don’t Need ‘Rescuing’ Even If They Look Cold

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Courtesy, Sharon O'Toole

Despite their size and their abilities to battle wolves, bear, and other predators, livestock guardian dogs can be vulnerable — to humans. Wyoming ranchers are asking to please not ‘rescue’ their dogs as they aren’t “cold” and they don’t need rescuing.

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Wyoming’s Out-Of-State Snowmobile Industry Explodes; “Wyo Has Definitely Been Discovered”

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(Photo Courtesy Dayton Gooder)

Wyoming’s out-of-state snowmobile tourism is up 38%. It’s a $193.8 million industry for the Cowboy State, and it’s just getting stronger. Minnesota accounts for 28% of Wyoming’s snowmobile tourism.

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Against ‘Astronomical Odds,’ Aladdin Man Hunts All Four Of Wyoming’s Legal ‘Big 5’

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(Courtesy Photos, Joe Feeley)

Wyoming’s system for drawing allowed Joe Feeley of Aladdin to draw tags for all the “Big 5” trophy game species currently legal to hunt. Even so, he favors a bill that would reform the tag draw system because it would give young hunters better odds.

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House Committee OKs $50 Million Wyoming Outdoor Rec Trust Fund

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Moonlit skiing in Wyoming's Grand Teton range. Getty Images.

The bill would create a $50 million trust fund to pay for the Office of Outdoor Recreation to better promote Wyoming outdoors. Currently, Wyoming is last in dollars and jobs generated by outdoor tourism compared to 11 other western states.

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I-80 Off-Road Vehicle Pass-Thru Could Boost Tourism In Southwest Wyoming, Supporters Say

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Getty Images

Allowing off-road vehicles to pass underneath Interstate 80 near Evanston could connect a series of trails and be a huge boost to the area’s tourism, say proponents House Bill 42, which was moved to the House floor on Friday.

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Tree-Killing Squirrels To Blame For Removal Of 100-Year-Old Cottonwoods From Cheyenne Park

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Holliday Park in Cheyenne. (Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily)

An overpopulation of aggressive squirrels and aging cottonwoods are clashing, prompting two dozen century-old trees to be removed from Holliday Park in Cheyenne. City officials say the overmature trees are no match for the damaging rodents.

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Wyoming Legislature 2023: Drones, Colorado River Protection High On List

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Bills affecting the Wyoming outdoors in the 2023 legislative session include cracking down on drone usage so not to give hunters an unfair advantage and to address privacy concerns as well as legislation to protect Wyoming water along tributaries to the Colorado River.

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3 Wyoming County Responder Groups Launch Massive Search Effort After False Alarm From Snowmobiler’s Phone

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After a minor wreck set off a snowmobiler’s iPhone emergency alert, search and rescue squads in two counties, along with a chopper crew from a third county, were scrambled for what turned out to be a fruitless three-hour search. 

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Emergency Services Getting Inundated By New iPhones That Call 911 When Skiers Fall Down

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Cowboy State Daily Illustration by Greg Johnson

A new feature on Apple phones and watches that calla 911 when skiers fall down is causing chaos in many areas of the country. Wyoming authorities have reached out to Apple but have heard nothing.

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Father Dedicates Wyoming Elk Hunt To Fallen Warrior Son: ‘I Promise You He Was There’

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Brent Sibley points to heaven to remember his son Forrest after bagging a Wyoming elk. (Courtesy Photo)

Brent Sibley and his son, Forrest, had for many years dreamed of hunting elk together in Wyoming. Forrest was killed in combat in Afghanistan before they got the chance, so Brent dedicated his elk hunt this fall to his fallen son.

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Don’t Want To Be A Wyoming Roadside Popsicle? Goose Down And Butter Might Save You

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Getty Images

As the entire state is expected to be below zero by Thursday, it’s wise not to go out. If you must, make sure your car is packed with the essentials: a sleeping bag for each person in the car, high-calorie food, warm drinks, and a few sticks of butter.

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Be Bear Aware, Grizzlies Can Still Maul You In The Winter

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Getty Images

Biologists are urging outdoors-people to stay “bear aware” in Wyoming as grizzly attacks, although rare, can still happen in the winter. There was a grizzly encounter last month in Fairbanks, Alaska and in late 2018, and woman and her infant were mauled and killed by a male grizzly.

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More Than 500 Endangered Wyoming Black-Footed Ferrets Born At Arizona Zoo

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Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily

“Maverick,” “Goose” and “Charlie” are three black-footed ferrets that were just reintroduced to Meeteetse after being a part of a captive breeding program at the Phoenix Zoo. More than 500 ferrets have been born at the facility and then reintroduced to native habitat.

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Homemade ‘Smith And Methson’ Firearm Unlikely To Catch On With Wyoming Crooks

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Photo Courtesy Meskwaki Nation (Iowa) Police Department

A makeshift firearm seized by cops and has become the laughingstock of the Internet was probably more dangerous to its user than anybody else, says a Wyoming gunsmith and former law enforcement officer.

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Wyoming Likely Safe From ‘Cocaine Bear’ Rampage; No Recorded Incidents To Date

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Image from Universal Pictures trailer for "Cocaine Bear."

A Wyoming Game and Fish biologist told Cowboy State Daily there have been no recorded incidents of grizzly bears eating bricks of cocaine and going on horrific rampages, unlike a new movie called ‘Cocaine Bear’ which is loosely based on a true story.

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Report: Climbing Contributes Millions To Wyoming Economy, Could Bring In Millions More

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Oscar winner Alex Honnold climbing art Wild Iris near Lander. (Photo Courtesy Sam Lightner)

Neighboring Colorado, California and Utah all have large climbing communities. Smart marketing to these nearby enthusiasts could bring thousands more climbers to Wyoming and millions more tourism dollars.

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What A Way To Go: ‘Krapp Strapp’ No. 1 Way For Wyo Outdoorsmen To Do No. 2, Inventor Says

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Photos Courtesy Air Boss Motion Decoys

Karl Brauneis, a retired forester from Lander, told Cowboy State Daily that he thought the Krapp Strapp’s design was ingenious but would probably continue to just search for “a good log.”

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Remote Wyoming Road A Winter Lifeline For Yellowstone Towns

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High Country Model in Cooke City, Montana. (Courtesy Photo, Brandon Richardson)

For residents of Mammoth, Wyoming, and Cooke City, Montana, the Old Gardiner Road is more than a historic stagecoach trail, it’s the only way in and out for them during winter. It’s also the only lifeline for the area’s winter tourism industry.

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Colorado Wolves May Have Crossed Border And Then Shot In Wyoming

in Wyoming outdoors/News/Chancey Williams
Wolf 2202 from the North Park pack. It's the first wolf born and collared in Colorado.

Three subadult female wolves shot in Wyoming just across the border from Colorado highlight stark differences in the states’ laws, where it’s illegal to kill wolves in Colorado but allowed in Wyoming.

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Too Many Wild Horses? Some Legislators Say Wyoming’s ‘Feral’ Horses Population Is Out Of Control

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Getty Images

Wyoming’s wild – or feral – horse population remains essentially uncontrolled, some legislators said. Meanwhile, the state’s Native American tribes could set an example in horse management, a wildlife advocate said Tuesday.

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Wyoming Hero: College Wrestler Jumps On Grizzly To Save Friend

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Kendall Cummings (right) jumped on a grizzly bear in an attempt to pull it off his friend.

“I could hear when his teeth would hit my skull,” Kendall Cummings told Cowboy State Daily on Monday. Kendall tried to physically pull a grizzly off his teammate Brady Lowry on Saturday and paid dearly for it. Lowry says his friend saved his life.

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Two Wyoming Students Mauled By Grizzly Outside of Cody; One Tried to Pull Grizzly Off Of Friend

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Two athletes from Northwest College in Powell are recovering from serious injuries suffered in a grizzly bear attack on Saturday outside of Cody. When one of the athletes saw the grizzly attacking his friend, he attacked the grizzly with his bare hands and tried to pull it off of him.

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