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Yellowstone Ghosts: The Light Above Mammoth Hot Springs

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If you find yourself in Mammoth Hot Springs after dark, look all around the horizon at the hills. You may be able to spot the light of Ed Wilson’s unrequited love for Mary Henderson, a love that endures still today.

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Wyoming Ghosts: Runaway Train, Haunting Horse Among 30 Years Of Spooky Tales On Frightseeing Tour

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Renee Jean, Cowboy State Daily

For three decades, Val Martin and her father have not only retold some Cheyenne’s most unexplainable and spooky stories, she also researches them in the Wyoming State Archives. But some reports just can’t be explained.

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Wyoming Ghosts: Theatre Teacher Still Haunts Cody High School Auditorium

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A startling vision, ghostly voices coming from drains and lights that turn themselves on and off are evidence, some say, that the ghost of longtime Cody High School theatre director Wynona Thompson haunts the auditorium that bears her name.

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Yellowstone Ghosts: Mattie Culver Died But She Never Left…

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Tucked behind a small copse of trees where the Firehole Hotel burned down in 1891, lies a solitary unmaintained grave marked by a weathered white marble headstone…

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Wyoming Ghosts: 144-Year-Old Laramie Civic Center Actively Used, And Actively Haunted

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Lights flicker on and off, objects seem to move on their own and people have reported hearing screaming, crying and drumming in Laramie’s expansive and – depending on who you ask – thoroughly haunted Civic Center.

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Ghost Stories: Wyoming’s Cigar-Making Prison Poltergeist

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there’s arguably no place creepier to explore alone in the dark than the Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie.

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Wyoming Ghost Stories: ‘Sophie’ Haunts Ivinson Home For Ladies in Laramie

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At the Ivinson Home for Aged Ladies in Laramie, there’s one resident you won’t be able to have a conversation with. Her name is Sophie, and she’s a ghost.

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Ghosts of Fort Laramie Haunt Wyoming Historic Site

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Fort Laramie, once a hub of trading and military activity in the Wyoming Territory, also is a hub of supernatural activity. Chief Ranger Casey Osback has experienced strange phenomena himself in the 35 years he’s been there.

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Ghost Hunters Find Chandelier In Cheyenne (For Some Reason They Say It’s Haunted)

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Wyoming ghost hunters have reported the discovery of a chandelier in Cheyenne (which they say is haunted for some reason).

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The Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse is Allegedly Haunted But We’d Like More Proof Please

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A ghostbusting duo in Wyoming says the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse is haunted. Maybe so, but we’d like more proof.

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