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At More Than $5 A Dozen, Eggs Are Expensive, Hard To Get Around Wyoming

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Photo of Betty Lewis checks eggs twice before buying them to bake another tray of brownies. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Egg prices jumped 49% in the past year, more than any other grocery category, according to the consumer price index. In Wyoming, eggs cost more than $5 a dozen.

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In New Book, Former Gov. Freudenthal Says Wyoming Individualism Is ‘Fiction’

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In his new book “The Paradox of Plenty,” released last week, former Gov. Dave Freudenthal said Wyoming’s aspirational mantra of the “Cowboy Ethic,” defined by ruggedly independent, self-made, carry-your-own weight westerners, is somewhat a farce. 

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Woke Capitalism Takes Another Blow As Vanguard Withdraws From Climate Alliance

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Public pressure likely played a role in Vanguard pulling out of the world’s largest climate-finance alliance, one industry observer told Cowboy State Daily. Asset managers are realizing that the “last thing most people want is their retirement fund pushing progressive politics down their throats,” he said.

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Remote Workers Coming To Wyoming For The Outdoors, Quality Of Life

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Jay Drew, far left, with his wife Martha and the rest of the family that has relocated to Cheyenne, which includes Sterling, Avery, Kali DePrimo and Miles Deprimo. Drew works remotely in Wyoming for a Phoenix, Arizona, employer. (Courtesy Photo)

Wyoming officials see attracting remote workers to the Cowboy State as a way to diversify its labor pool, while remote workers already here say the outdoors and quality of life are why they moved here.

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After 10 Years, Wyoming Whiskey Is Expanding To International Markets

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Wyoming Whisky founders, from left, David DeFazio, and Kate and Brad Mead. (Renee Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Like most cattle ranchers today, the Meads really needed to diversify their operation to remain profitable. They chose whiskey. Ten years later, Wyoming Whiskey is attracting international attention.

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Report: Climbing Contributes Millions To Wyoming Economy, Could Bring In Millions More

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Oscar winner Alex Honnold climbing art Wild Iris near Lander. (Photo Courtesy Sam Lightner)

Neighboring Colorado, California and Utah all have large climbing communities. Smart marketing to these nearby enthusiasts could bring thousands more climbers to Wyoming and millions more tourism dollars.

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No “Smash And Grabs” But Shoplifting In Wyoming Is Increasing And Driving Prices Up

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More and more, items popular with shoplifters are being kept behind plexiglass, like these games at Target in Cheyenne. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Although Wyoming hasn’t been hit by roving gangs of criminals like other states, coordinated shoplifting efforts have increased which is driving the cost of goods up across the state.

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Inflation Prompts Wyoming Shoppers To Go Smaller This Gift-Giving Season

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Jessica and daughter Isabella Ladelfa window shop at 307 Made in Cheyenne. (Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Although some Wyoming communities reported record sales, crowds by and large felt thin at many stores in Wyoming for Black Friday, and even some Small Business Saturday shopping seemed to take a hit in some areas.

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Wyoming Car Repossessions Up 20% – 30%, Repo Man Blames “Free” Covid Money

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Photo Courtesy Stu Kissick

One repo man told Cowboy State Daily that he believes the 30% increase in car repossession is due to stimulus checks the federal government distributed. He said people just went out and “bought stuff” they couldn’t afford with the money.

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Wyoming Will Try Again To Be First State With Own ‘Holy Grail’ Stable Token

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Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily

Wyoming legislators will try again to become the first state in the nation with its own stable token, along with a chance at billions in revenue if the Cowboy State can market itself successfully as a highly trusted first-mover. 

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Wyoming Was Early Critic Of “Woke Capitalism” When Gordon Told Bank Of The West To Shove It

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When Wyoming called out Bank of the West for announcing it would divest from fossil fuel investments, the state didn’t have a lot of company. That’s changed, and the recent FTX scandal has highlighted the problem of businesses embracing woke culture.

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Fed Plan: Wyoming To Receive 17 EV Charging Stations For $19 Million; None Likely Profitable

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If the Wyoming Department of Transportation were to follow all the federal guidelines for a program to build and operate EV charging stations along the nation’s roadways, Wyoming would need 17 charging stations at a cost of about $19 million.

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Crumble Cookie, Nation’s Largest Cookie Company, Opening Location In Cheyenne

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Cheyenne Crumbl location.

Crumbl Cookies, which experienced the highest sales growth of any chain in the United States in 2020, is opening a franchise in Cheyenne later this week. Retail observers say the company’s use of social media is partly responsible for its success.

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Small Fairs Celebrate The Heart Of Wyoming  

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From Dayton Days to the Big Horn County Fair in Basin; Longmire Days in Buffalo to the Goshen County Fair in Torrington – all of these small town celebrations bring together local residents, boost profits for local businesses, and give the local population something to look forward to every year.

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Forest Service Timber Cutbacks In Black Hills Will Hurt Economy And Environment, Says Senator

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Photo by Matt Idler

Reduced forest management on one of the nation’s best managed forests, won’t just see an increase in frequency of beetle infestations, but an increase in severity of wildfires as well, according to Wyoming State Sen. Ogden Driskill.

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