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65 Million-Year-Old T-Rex From Wyoming To Be Auctioned, Could Fetch $9 Million

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A complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton – sourced from three specimens unearthed in Wyoming and Montana -– will be auctioned in Switzerland next month. A Wyoming paleontologist said there’s no telling what price a fossil like that might fetch but its estimated worth is $9 million.

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Although Giant Penguin Fossil Is Nice, Wyoming’s Dinosaurs Were So Big They Pooped 3,000-Pound Boulders

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Crew from University of Kansas discovered large fossilized brachiosaur foot in the Black Hills region of Wyoming.

With all due respect to the scientific community which recently dug up the world’s largest penguin fossil from the beaches of New Zealand, Wyoming had dinosaurs that pooped bigger than that monster penguin. Literally.

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