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‘Dear Sirs’: The Untold Story Of Sgt. Silvio J. Pedri, A Wyoming Prisoner Of War

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Sgt. Silvio Pedri, front, as a soldier in World War II. (Photo Courtesy Mark Pedri)

Wyoming documentary filmmaker Mark Pedri knew his grandfather had served in World War II, but it wasn’t until after Sgt. Silvio J. Pedri died that his grandson learned he was one of the historic Men of the Iron Metz in a Soviet prisoner of war camp.

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Cody’s “Downrange Warriors” Helps Veterans Heal From Service-Related Trauma

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A dozen suicide attempts, multiple marriages, and physical scars from horrific events that occurred half a world away are outward symbols of what Richard carries with him every minute of every day. It’s the mission of Downrange Warriors to bring veterans like Richard out of those dark places and into the light. 

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