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Emergency Services Getting Inundated By New iPhones That Call 911 When Skiers Fall Down

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Cowboy State Daily Illustration by Greg Johnson

A new feature on Apple phones and watches that calla 911 when skiers fall down is causing chaos in many areas of the country. Wyoming authorities have reached out to Apple but have heard nothing.

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Monitoring Workers A Growing Trend, But Wyoming Researcher Finds It Often Backfires

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A University of Wyoming researcher studying workplace monitoring gave participants a series of tasks as well as an opportunity to cheat. Those who had been told they would be watched were more likely to cheat their employers than those who didn’t know they were being monitored.

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Nanobots, Fossil Fuel Issues, and the End of Work as We Know It

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Crowd of robots. 3D illustration

Futurist Jeff Wacker says the future of work could be the biggest issue of the 21st century. Automation, unique robots including microscopic nanobots, and Artificial Intelligence will continue to erode the job market. “I have a friend who says we will always need people to keep the robots running – really? We already have robots that repair other robots.”

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Wyo Tech School Founder Eric Trowbridge to Speak at National Tech Summit

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Eric Trowbridge, the founder of a Cheyenne technology school aimed at introducing students to computer programming, plans to tell attendees at a national technology conference that technology can work in rural America. Trowbridge, founder and CEO of the Array Technology and Design School, will be one of the speakers at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit…

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Casper to host ‘Global Game Jam’ event

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Man playing computer games in a gaming forum, ALT=Global Gaming jam

By Brady Brinton Wyoming game designers will come together in Casper this weekend to collaborate on new video game creations as part of a national “Global Game Jam.” During the event, to begin Friday evening at the Wyoming Technology Business Center, programmers and designers of all skill levels will collaborate to create playable video games.…

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