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Carbon County GOP Chairman on Cheney Censure: “The People Are Saying Something”

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The chairman of the Carbon County Republican Party believes U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach former President Donald Trump will have far-reaching implications, including Cheney’s possible loss in her next re-election bid.

This subject was one of a number addressed by Joey Correnti IV during a 45-minute interview with FYNTV, a Georgia-based media outlet, on Thursday morning.

“I understand people [think the censures against Cheney] doesn’t mean anything, that it’s a slap on the wrist,” Correnti said. “Well, that shows their own ignorance of when you get slapped on the wrist by the hand that feeds you. The people are saying something.”

The host of the program asked Correnti if he thought it was appropriate for Cheney to “vote her conscience” instead of voting for how she thought Wyomingites would want her vote.

“I don’t expect our representative to take a poll of the entire electorate of Wyoming every time they have a decision to make,” Correnti responded. “But she didn’t have to take a poll. Wyoming took a poll on November 3.”

The Carbon County GOP was the first of multiple Wyoming GOP organizations to criticize Cheney for her vote to impeach Trump following the attack on the U.S. Capitol in early January. The Wyoming Republican Party followed up with its own vote for her censure last weekend.

A censure is an expression of disapproval and has no binding effect on its subject.

Cheney was one of 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach the president on allegations he helped incite the riot.

Correnti expressed disappointment and frustration that Cheney was quick to make a judgment about the riot and that she was not available for any form of contact the night of the riot, which saw Congress reconvene to confirm electoral college results giving President Joe Biden victory over Trump in November’s general election.

Cheney’s lack of availability was one of the major reasons the Carbon County GOP decided to censure her, Correnti said.

“I couldn’t get ahold of our representative, and the people do have a voice, we ended up putting together a resolution,” he said.

Trump’s Senate trial is taking place this week, but both U.S. Sens. John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis have indicated they will not vote to convict the former president.

Correnti added that there was no evidence that Trump helped incite the riot and that Cheney was only trying to further her own interests with her impeachment vote.

“She said she voted her conscience based on her constitutional duty,” he said. “That, to me, sounds like an accusation.”

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Cheney Estimates 1 Million Jobs Will be Lost Due to Energy Lockdown

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney estimated that 1 million jobs will be lost due to President Joe Biden’s moratorium on energy and natural gas leases on federal property.

Cheney predicted Wyoming would lose around 18,000 jobs due to the lockdown.

“The negative ramifications from the #BidenBan will be felt all across the country,” Cheney said. “Our nation will be more dependent on our adversaries, families will face higher energy bills, and an estimated million jobs will be lost — including 18,000 here in Wyoming.”

Biden issued an executive order in late January halting new oil and gas leasing on federal land to allow the Department of Interior to conduct a comprehensive review of the federal leasing program and existing fossil fuel leases.

Many Wyoming officials, from Cheney to Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow and U.S. Sens. Cynthia Lummis and John Barrasso, have spoken out against the moratorium.

A University of Wyoming study commissioned by the Legislature concluded that a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal land could reduce Wyoming’s production by $872 million per year, costing the state more than $300 million a year in tax revenue.

“This is significant,” Balow previously said. “What we know in Wyoming is that this could be, by modest estimates, about $150 million a year in lost revenue within just a couple of years.”

Last week, Gov. Mark Gordon directed state agencies to determine how the state will be affected by a ban on oil and gas leasing on federal land and help him plot legal strategies to battle the ban.

“Forty-eight percent of our state is federally owned. Anything you do here in the energy space probably has some aspect of federal leasing tied to it,” Gordon said on Fox earlier this week. “Losing that revenue is devastating to our schools, our communities, those small businesses that depend on the energy sector.”

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Cheney, House GOP Warn Biden of Potential “Border War” With Immigrants

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney and 51 other House Republicans warned President Joe Biden of a potential “border war” that could result from illegal immigrants flooding the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

The senators expressed their concerns just weeks after Biden put a halt to construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall.

“We write today to bring attention to the rising illegal migration crisis that is already beginning at our southern border, a mere few weeks into your administration,” the Republicans told the president. “Based on information from sources on the ground, this week Customs and Border Protection agents have seen the average daily flow soar to more than 3,500 migrants, up from 2,000 earlier last month.”

Cheney was joined by other House Republicans including Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

They added that around 300 undocumented minors are crossing the border daily, numbers not seen since around 2019.

Border Patrol agents have encountered more than 200,000 undocumented immigrants since October, according to the letter.

“In Arizona, law enforcement officers have seen increases in illegal foot traffic in areas that ‘went completely dead’ under the Trump administration,” the letter said. “Illegal migrants are not just coming from our southern neighbors either, for example, last Monday, Border Patrol agents arrested 11 Iranians after sneaking across the border in Arizona.”

The House Republicans added that by any standard, these are crisis-level numbers, which are being driven by Biden’s “open border” policies.

“Despite these rising numbers, on your first day as president, you signed multiple executive orders aimed at dismantling the security of our borders -rescinding policies from the Trump administration that were working as intended to halt the flow of illegal migration,” the letter said.

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Donald Trump Jr. Plans Wyoming Trip to Campaign Against Cheney

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., intends to make a trip to Wyoming to campaign against U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in the near future.

“I hear it’s lovely during primary season,” he told Politico over the weekend.

He didn’t indicate when he would visit the state, however, and the next primary election won’t occur until August 2022.

His statements followed Cheney’s interview on Fox News Sunday, when she said she wouldn’t resign her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives after being censured by the Wyoming Republican Party. The vote Saturday came in response to Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump.

“As I’ve explained, and will continue to explain to supporters all across the state and voters all across the state, the oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment, and it doesn’t bend to partisanship and it doesn’t bend to political pressure,” Cheney said.

Trump Jr. would be the second national Republican figure to visit the state to campaign against Cheney. U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared in Cheyenne last month to criticize Cheney.

“Every day, I see the cost of the wars Liz Cheney has advocated for,” Gaetz said during a rally in January. “I see the tearful goodbyes in airports, the marriages destroyed, the parenting that’s interrupted, the drug abuse, the suicides, lost limbs, lost minds, lost lives, lost hope.”

The campaigns against Cheney follow her decision to vote to impeach the former president for allegedly making remarks that helped incite the attack on the U.S. Capitol in early January. Five people died in the ensuing chaos.

The representative has been censured by multiple county-level Republican parties, culminating in Saturday’s vote by the state Republican Party.

“We need to honor President Trump. All President Trump did was call for a peaceful assembly and protest for a fair and audited election,” Darin Smith said while explaining the censure vote. “The Republican Party needs to put her on notice.”

In response to Cheney’s impeachment vote last month, Cheyenne Sen. Anthony Bouchard announced his run against her in Congress.

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Cheney Dismisses Wyoming GOP Call To Resign Following Censure

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If you thought Liz Cheney might resign as a result of the Wyoming Republican Party’s censure on Saturday, think again.

As far-fetched as it sounded, FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace had to ask the question as the party asked her to step down following vote by members to censure the representative. The censure vote stemmed from Cheney’s decision to vote for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Immediately dismissing the mention of her resignation, she defended the impeachment vote as a result of her loyalty to the Constitution.

“As I’ve explained, and will continue to explain to supporters all across the state and voters all across the state, the oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment, and it doesn’t bend to partisanship and it doesn’t bend to political pressure,” Cheney said.

Attendees of the GOP central committee meeting in Rawlins may have hoped their political pressure would have a different outcome as the vote to censure was overwhelming, with only eight of 74 people voting against it.

“We need to honor President Trump. All President Trump did was call for a peaceful assembly and protest for a fair and audited election,” Darin Smith said while explaining the censure vote. “The Republican Party needs to put her on notice.”

State Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, who announced he is running for Cheney’s seat in 2022, criticized the congresswoman for not attending the meeting and posted an empty chair with her name on it on his Facebook page.

“Maybe Liz should run inside the DC Beltway in (Virginia) where she lives full-time, because she’s never here and has no clue how we think. And doesn’t care. #AWOL,” he said.

The issue of who was responsible for the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 appears to be one of the disputes between Cheney and the Wyoming Republican Party.

According to the language in the censure, the Party believes “Antifa and BLM radicals” were behind the unrest.

“That’s just simply not the case,” Cheney said. “It’s not true. People have been lied to.”

Same goes for the election, Cheney said, stating that the president lied about the results of the election being “stolen or rigged” for months preceding the Jan. 6 riots.

“We need to make sure that Republicans are the party of truth, and that we’re being honest about what really did happen in 2020. So we actually have a chance to win in 2022 and win the White House back in 2024,” she said.

After easily beating back a challenge to her U.S. House leadership position earlier in the week, the question now is how widespread is voter dissatisfaction with Cheney in Wyoming.

To some like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, who will face a censure vote on Feb 13, and Dan McLaughlin, a writer at National Review, these universe of those asking for censure is separate from the universe of most voters.

“The common thread in these sorts of censure resolutions is a party establishment that was not elected by the mass of its state’s voters attacking a public official who was,” McLaughlin tweeted on Saturday.

In a video message on Thursday, Sasse said members of Nebraska’s central committee aren’t representative of conservative voters in his state.

“I listen to Nebraskans every day, and very few of them are as angry about life as some of the people on this committee — not all of you, but a lot. Political addicts don’t represent most Nebraska conservatives,” he said.

We really don’t know if there is widespread dissatisfaction with Cheney in Wyoming. There has been no polling that the public has access to.

It might similar to the recent situation in Washington, when a disgruntled group of conservatives said they had the votes to topple Cheney from her leadership post. But when push came to shove, Cheney won by an overwhelming margin.

Or it could be completely different. Wyoming is the reddest state in nation with more than 70% of its voters supporting President Trump last November.

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Liz Cheney Wins Resounding Affirmative Vote To Stay In Leadership

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

For all the talk about the certainty of Liz Cheney being ousted from her leadership position in the House, it wasn’t even close.

In a commanding 145 – 61 vote margin, Wyoming’s sole representative retained her position as the third highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives.

The vote, only one week after Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz told a Wyoming crowd that Cheney’s defeat was imminent, put to rest any thought that Cheney’s influence would be less significant.

If anything, Cheney’s standing in Congress will likely be more powerful now.

That’s because the congresswoman withstood challengers by not blinking an eye or backtracking at all.

She not only told the Republican conference that she would not apologize for her vote to impeach President Trump but that she “absolutely did not” regret that vote.

Moments after the meeting concluded, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the vote proved the resiliency of the Republican Party.

“This is just an example that the Republican Party is a very big tent, everyone is invited in, and when you look at the last election, we continue to grow and in two years, we’ll be the majority,” he said.

As for Cheney, she made it clear that the vote sent a powerful message not only for her but for the party.

“We had a terrific vote tonight and we laid out what we’re going to do going forward as well as making clear that we’re not going to be divided,” she said. “We’re not going to be in a situation where people can pick off any member of leadership,” Cheney said.

“It was a very resounding acknowledgment that we need to go forward together and we need to go forward in a way that helps us beat back the very negative and dangerous Democrat policies,” she said.

Meanwhile, Gaetz’s predictions that the Republicans had the votes to oust her or that McCarthy would avoid a vote fell flat.

In fact, Cheney was so confident that she would retain her leadership position, she asked for a vote during the meeting.

That, pundits said, showed remarkable confidence.

“She was blunt… She wanted the up-or-down vote. She got it and won big,” New York Times political reporter Jonathan Martin said.

As for her standing in Wyoming, it’s likely that Gaetz got it wrong here as well when he told a crowd last week that: “Liz Cheney is less popular among Republicans in her own state than Muammar Gaddafi was among the Libyans.”

Cheney has been censured by a number of county Republican parties but tonight’s overwhelming show of support could take the steam out of these efforts.

She’s already received high-profile support in Wyoming from former Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau, former Republican Party chair Matt Micheli, the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Mining Association.

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McConnell Praises Cheney’s Courage In Wake of Impeachment Vote

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, has praised U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney for her courage in voting to impeach former President Donald Trump.

“Liz Cheney is a leader with deep convictions and the courage to act on them,” McConnell told CNN on Monday. “She is an important leader in our party and in our nation. I am grateful for her service and look forward to continuing to work with her on the crucial issues facing our nation.”

McConnell is one of many members of Congress who have backed Cheney following her impeachment vote, which has received a mix of praise and criticism from legislators and the public alike.

According to CNN, the McConnel hasn’t spoken to the former president since Dec. 15.

Cheney and nine other House Republicans voted to impeach Trump in mid-January following an attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Many congressional legislators felt Trump’s comments at a rally earlier in the day helped incite the riot.

“All of us have an obligation to the Constitution and obligation to do what what we believe is right, what our oath compels us to do that that is above politics and above partisanship,” Cheney previously said.

Last week, fellow U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, visited the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne to voice numerous criticisms about Cheney to a crowd of hundreds.

“The establishment power brokers like Liz Cheney are climbing in a deeply corrupt game,” Gaetz said during the rally. “We do not have to be condemned to some grim fate.”

State Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, has announced he will run against Cheney for her House seat, largely because of her vote to impeach Trump.

After the articles of impeachment against Trump were approved by the House, they were sent to the Senate, where members must decide whether to hold a trial on the allegations.

All but five Senate Republicans (including Utah Sen. Mitt Romney) voted against an impeachment trial, which many political pundits believe is a sign that the former president will likely be acquitted, meaning he can run again for office, should he choose so.

U.S. Sens. John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis voted against the trial.

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CNN Visits Gillette Woman Who Started Liz Cheney Recall Petition

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By Jennifer Kocher, County 17

Shelly Horn wants Liz Cheney to know that there are a lot of people back home who aren’t so happy with her right now.

Not only do they feel betrayed by Cheney’s decision to vote to impeach President Trump, Horn noted, but they’re also offended by her explanation that she’d voted with her conscience rather than standing up for the values of Wyoming people.

“She’s not there to act on her own interests,” Horn said. “She’s there to represent the people who voted her into office and pay her salary. I feel like she’s turned her back on us.” 

Sitting in a recliner in her living room Wednesday afternoon surrounded by a bevy of television cameras and overhead lights, Horn further explained to CNN correspondent Lucy Kafanov why she had launched the petition to recall the Wyoming Congresswoman earlier this month.  

The petition, which has since has since gone viral with just under 55,000 signatures as of early Thursday afternoon, continues to gain steam with nearly 1,000 new signatures every day. This follows calls by fellow Republican House members for Cheney to resign her post as House Republican Conference Chair.   

These rebukes come on the heels of a Jan. 27 McLaughlin poll that showed 70% of Wyoming voters believe the impeachment trial was unconstitutional with more than two-thirds of Wyoming voters disproving of Cheney’s actions. Another 63% say they will likely not vote for Cheney again. 

Horn is definitely one of these dissatisfied voters, she said. In fact, she was so angry when she’d heard that Cheney was among the throng of representatives pushing for impeachment that something just snapped, she said, and she knew she had to do something to push back.

Prior to this, the 57-year-old Gillette woman and mother of five daughters had an interest in politics nor had she even cast a vote until this past election. This is the first petition she’s ever created and admitted it took some fumbling around on the internet to figure out how to do it.

This is not about Trump, Horn clarified, nor was her goal ever about physically recalling Cheney from office, given that it’s not even legally possible in Wyoming. Rather, Horn wanted to send Cheney a direct message condemning her for what Horn believes was a divisive move that only served to enflame more division and hatred in a country already sorely divided and angry.

“It just sows more hate and division,” Horn said, “and people are tired of it.”

Even she is surprised by how many people have signed on to her petition and how much attention its gotten in both state and local media. She thought maybe she’d get around 1,000 signatures from people in Campbell County, but never imagined she’d end up being interviewed on CNN. 

When asked if Horn voted for Trump or Cheney, she said yes to both. She hadn’t voted for Cheney in the primaries, but she did in the general election. 

When asked if she thought Cheney had a good argument for impeaching Trump, Horn immediately shuts down any argument that Trump was responsible for inciting the Jan. 6 rioting at the capitol. No, the people who stormed the capitol are responsible for their violence, Horn clarified, and should be held accountable. She feels that too many people like Cheney rushed to judgement against the president before the evidence was even revealed. 

In her mind, Cheney’s actions only further divided the country by riling up more vitriol and fanning the flames.

“It’s just sows more hate and division,” Horn said, “and people are tired of it. Our country can’t stand much more.”  

She tried to talk directly to Cheney about the petition but said her many calls and emails to her office were never returned, so instead she shared a copy of it on Cheney’s Twitter page, so she could monitor its progress. 

“She can’t just run and hide,” Horn said, “She needs to come home and face the voters in Wyoming and explain why she did what she did.” 

Along with sending a clear message to Cheney in this interview, Horn said she wants to do her part to put an end to the division and hate and try to unite the country by listening to other people and respecting their differences even if she doesn’t agree.

She laughed about the notion of having CNN reporters in her house for the interview. Luckily, she joked, the three-person team was traveling in an unmarked rental car where none of her neighbors could see a CNN truck parked in front of her house.

1,300,000+ Facebook impressions per month

“I think this is the first time I’ve ever had liberals in my house,” Horn laughed, “but heck, I’ll invite anyone in to sit down and share their opinions.” 

Nonetheless, she’d been shocked when the CNN producer called, she asked him if this was some kind of joke.

Some of her family and friends thought she was crazy for agreeing to do it, including her daughter who declined to there that day, but Horn shrugged and said she hoped that they wouldn’t twist her words to make her sound like a ‘crazy hick or a Trump cultist or some nonsense.” 

In the end, she decided to just be herself and say exactly what was on her mind.

That earned an eyeball from two of Horn’s other daughters, Kamber Beck and Kim Horn, who were watching the interview from the kitchen with Kim’s boyfriend Josh Braband. They  know their mother all too well as well as her tendency to say exactly what she’s thinking, no holding back. Kim flinches when she recounts the first time her mom met Josh and commented on how much she hated his flat cap and all his tattoos.  

Overall, Horn thought it went really well and the crew seemed super eager to learn more about her life in Wyoming, particularly when they learned she’s in the tutu business, which she makes by hand.

“The producer told me he’d never met anyone who made tutus for a living,” she laughed, “and he was super curious about it.”

So curious that she promised to show them when they got there. For the interview, Horn had even set out a couple child-size mannequins adorned in her sparkly, poofy pink and yellow creations. They don’t even require sewing, Horn told them, and are fun to make. She sells them on internet for $20, or more often than not, just gives them away. 

And if nothing else comes out of this petition, Horn said, it has at least made her sit up and pay attention. From now on, she plans to be involved and do her homework. The Biden Administration already has her concerned after its first flurry of executive orders that in her mind aren’t good for Wyoming or the country.

She worries about further hits to the energy industry and the security of her husband’s job supervising oil rigs. Right now, he’s working on a rig in Pennsylvania, where he flies home every two weeks. Prior to that, he’d been tasked with shutting down rigs and laying off  workers.

We need politicians to be working right now for the greater good of the country and people, Horn added

“It’s time for this country to heal,” she said, “not open more wounds.”

And though Cheney has likely lost Horn’s vote, Horn nonetheless extended an olive branch and invited Cheney to come to Gillette to hold a town hall for the people, to give Cheney the opportunity to explain why she did what she did and what she’s going to do moving forward.

“Come here and face us,” Horn said. “Don’t just hide and run away.”

For her part, Cheney remains steadfast in her decision to defend the Constitution, which is why she said she voted to impeach.

“I’m honored to represent the people of Wyoming in Congress and will always fight for the issues that matter most to our state,” she wrote in an email to County 17 Thursday. “Foremost among these is the defense of our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. Wyoming citizens know that our duty to defend the Constitution is above politics and partisanship.”

The most important part of her job is listening to and speaking with citizens the state, she continued, and stand up for Wyoming.

Her focus right now, she continued, is on the challenges facing the country, primarily combating the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration.

“I look forward to continuing to work with officials and citizens across Wyoming to be the most effective voice and advocate in defense of our families, industries and communities,” she said, not directly commenting on Horn’s petition or her invitation to come to Campbell County.

Meanwhile, Horn headed down to Cheyenne Thursday morning to stand with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on the steps of the state capitol to further voice her dissent.

Horn’s interview is tentatively scheduled to air on Erin Burnett OutFront on Thursday evening around 5 p.m., which will also include coverage of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s anti-Cheney protest at the state capitol Thursday.

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Bouchard Campaign Ad Says Cheney “Betrayed” Wyoming

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, released a new radio campaign ad this week in which he condemns incumbent U.S. Rep Liz Cheney for an “America last” agenda.

“Wyoming was Donald Trump’s best state not once, but twice,” Bouchard said in the ad, noting that “Liz Cheney betrayed nearly 200,000 of us who voted to re-elect our president.”

Bouchard announced his 2022 campaign against Cheney for her seat in Congress last week, due largely to her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

However, he said in his ad that the impeachment wasn’t the only reason for his congressional bid.

“President Trump made America great again with America first policies like bringing home our troops, building the wall and fighting illegal immigration – all policies Joe Biden, Liz Cheney and their fellow globalists oppose,” Bouchard said, adding he stands for “the Trump agenda of America first, not Liz Cheney’s globalist agenda of America last.”

Cheney was one of 10 House Republicans to vote in favor of impeachment following an assault on the U.S. Capitol earlier this month that she said Trump helped to incite.

Bouchard has raised almost $100,000 in donations during his first week of campaigning.

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Liz Cheney Voted With Trump More Often Than Matt Gaetz Did

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Liz Cheney doesn’t get rattled. She doesn’t get worked up. She knows how to counterpunch effortlessly. And usually her counterpunches are more effective and, quite frankly, funnier.

If Cheney is worried about Congressman Matt Gaetz coming to Wyoming, she doesn’t let on to it. Instead, she’s lampooned it.

Maybe that’s because something just doesn’t add-up about the visit.

Gaetz, who casts himself as a champion for President Trump, is holding a rally in Wyoming to protest Cheney’s impeachment vote and to talk about his “vision for the Republican Party.”

During the call, he criticized her for “opposing many of [Trump’s] policies”.

The problem with that criticism? Based on voting records, Cheney is more supportive of the former president than he is.

Gaetz voted with Trump 85% of the time. Cheney voted with Trump 93% of the time.

He also criticized her for being part of the establishment. Problem is, they’ve been in Congress for the same amount of time.

And he said she was “doing all she can to seize power in Washington.”

She didn’t have to seize anything. After one term in office, she was voted — by her colleagues — to the third highest position in Congress.

Maybe this is why when asked about the Florida congressman’s visit, her office just made fun of it.

“Rep. Gaetz can leave his beauty bag at home. In Wyoming, the men don’t wear make-up,” a Cheney spokesperson told the Washington Examiner, alluding to a video where the Florida congressman is joyfully applying makeup before appearing on TV.

It’s not the first time, she’s ridiculed opposition. It’s an effective way of redirecting the conversation.

When Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul criticized her for “wanting perpetual war”, she took a shot at his height.

“Rand and I do have one thing in common, though. We’re both 5’2” tall,” she tweeted.

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