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Dave Chappelle Hanging Out With Kanye West In Wyoming

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Dave Chappelle and alleged presidential candidate Kanye West have been relaxing at the latter’s home in Wyoming, a recent Twitter video showed.

Chappelle, West and a number of other friends gathered outside of West’s ranch in Cody to film a short video for Twitter. In it, West asks the comedian to tell a joke and “make the world smile.”

“Brotherhood is real,” Chappelle said. “Love is real.”

This wasn’t what West wanted, so he continued, laughing with his friends, to beg the comedian to say something funny or tell a joke because “we need something to lift our spirits.”

Chappelle, with a cup in his hand, said that he was still on his first cup of coffee for the day. West then asked for an uplifting joke.

“Now you know I don’t write those,” Chappelle responded.


West is preparing to release a new album, “Donda,” on Friday.

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Kanye West Seeks Approval To Use Cody Labs For Yeezy Manufacturing

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Kanye West

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By Jim Angell, Cowboy State Daily

An engineering firm is seeking approval for plans to turn a building formerly owned by a defunct pharmaceutical manufacturer into a manufacturing facility for musician Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion brand.

The Cody Planning and Zoning Board was asked by Engineering Associates to approve its application for modifications of the building that used to house Cody Laboratories for the manufacturing of Yeezy apparel and shoes.

“The modifications primarily related to removal of items that are not needed for the new use, rearranging parking and utilities, and slightly modified site grading,” said a report on the plans by Todd Stowell, Cody’s city planner.

Cody Laboratories closed in July 2019 before it could complete work on what was to be a pharmaceutical product facility and warehouse.It was announced early this year that West had purchased the building and planned to use it to create prototypes for the Yeezy shoe brand.

After West purchased the building, James Klessens, the chief executive for Forward Cody, told the Cowboy State Daily the building was a perfect fit for West’s needs.

Stowell recommended the board approve the application as long as some technical conditions are met having to do with issues including water lines, utilities and landscaping.

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Kanye West Registers To Vote In Wyoming, Shows Everyone How Easy It Is

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Kanye West is now a registered voter in the state of Wyoming, as he showed in a recently posted YouTube video.

In a 90-second video posted to YouTube on Thursday by Precise Videos, West showed viewers how easy it was for him (and others) to register to vote in the state.

He registered at the Park County Clerk’s Office in Cody, where he and wife Kim Kardashian West own a home, with plans to build another.

West explained that all he needed was a voter registration form, his name, his date of birth, a Wyoming driver’s license, his gender, phone number, address and political affiliation. He then had to take a registration oath.

“In five minutes, you can be done and registered to vote,” a staff member at the county clerk’s office explained to the rapper.

West also told viewers that even though felons believe they have no voting rights, they can actually ask for those rights to be restored (depending on the circumstances).

He also asked the staff member why other states can make it difficult for people to register to vote.

“Well, the statutes are set up by the Legislature,” the staff member explained to the rapper. “So the people elected to the House of Representatives and senators have those statutes set up. It’s not uniform all the way across, each state has a way they work through the [voting and legislative] process.”

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Kanye West Building 52,000 Square Foot Mega-Mansion Outside of Cody

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We’ve all been there. With kids and visiting family there just isn’t enough space.

That’s why when we heard about Kanye West’s decision to build a 52,000 square-foot mansion at his ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming, we could empathize.

TMZ is reporting that West has received the OK from Park County officials to build the 10-bedroom home on his property.

Not only a home, but two underground garages which reportedly measure 10,000 square feet per garage — understandable as well, as everyone needs space in their garage.

The entertainment website is also reporting that West will also be constructing a couple of lake houses on the property as well.

West has been in the news recently with his Twitter announcement that he’s joining President Trump and former Vice President Biden in the quest for America’s top job.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020 VISION,” he wrote.

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