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Peterson: A cautionary tale from 27 years of public service

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Peterson public service

We need to be better than this, Wyoming. Media with an agenda other than fair reporting is dangerous. Unions that control elections are dangerous. We should protect openness, transparency, honesty and integrity to our political process. And certainly, the more knowledge we have, the better we are all served.

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Peterson: How to fix Wyoming’s revenue struggles

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Wyoming Government spending

Wyoming, by our state’s constitution, must have a balanced budget. Some would argue that we do not deficit spend in Wyoming while others would argue that we use the reserves to balance the budget which is, in a sense, deficit spending. From my own simple understanding, when we spend more in a period than we take in, it is deficit spending.

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Wyoming’s minimal exposure in movies could soon dissipate

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As the last of the funding is drained from the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s Film Incentives Program, the state could see even less time on the silver screen.
Filming in Wyoming can be a hard sell for out-of-state companies such as Netflix and Thunder Road Films, which produced Wind River in 2017.

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Sponsoring rodeo teams requires big bucks, but reaches bigger audiences

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Sponsoring rodeo teams requires big bucks, but reaches bigger audiences

“Anytime you’re looking for a pitch into a larger audience, you want to have a compelling story with it,” Shober said. “Team Wyoming is a program built around pro rodeo cowboys and cowgirls. It is a way to take the image of the American cowboy and put a face and story with it.”

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