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New (Free) Postcard Displays Wyoming’s Geological Wonders

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

A new, free postcard being offered by the Wyoming State Geological Survey is displaying all of Wyoming’s geological marvels across the state.

The 4×6-inch postcard includes a colorful map of rock formations, faults, basins, mountain ranges and other geologic features across Wyoming. This is a modified version of the map first published in 1985.

The postcard shows features as young as active modern sand dunes to igneous and metamorphic rocks that date back more than 3.4 billion years. Many of the “new” sand dunes can be found throughout the middle portion of the state, through Casper and the Wind River Basin.

The billion-years old igneous rocks are seen stretching from the southeast portion of the state to the western portion around the Wind River Range and in the north near the Bighorn Mountains.

The map also points out rock units that are important to Wyoming’s economic geology and highlights certain areas that contain fossils.

The postcard is available free online, although shipping is around $7.50 for a 10-pack of the cards. They can also be obtained at the WSGS office on the University of Wyoming campus or can also be ordered by calling the WSGS at 307-766-2286.

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Reminder: C.J. Box’s “Big Sky” Series Premieres Tonight

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

We know you probably didn’t need a reminder that “Big Sky,” the TV series adapted from C.J. Box’s Cassie Dewell novels, is premiering Tuesday night, but here’s one, just in case.

The series will premiere at 8 p.m. Tuesday on ABC.

Box told a Denver news station last week that he got the idea for the story from a personal experience, after his daughter came home to Cheyenne from the University of Wyoming for Thanksgiving.

“When she arrived at our house, I went out to check her car and the ‘check engine’ light was on,” he said. “And I asked her, how long has that been on because I knew how much traffic was on that road. And her answer was, ‘Don’t worry, it’s always on.’”

The show will focus on private detectives Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillipe), who team up with Cody’s estranged wife, Jenny, to search for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote road in Montana.

The series has already been ordered by ABC for a full first season.

The show is being created by TV writer and producer David E. Kelley, who has also created shows such as “Big Little Lies,” “Boston Legal,” “Ally McBeal” and “Mr. Mercedes.” Kelley will write multiple episodes and serve as the showrunner for the first season.

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Hero Cheyenne Boy Bridger Walker Receiving Laser Treatments For Dog Bite Scars

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The family of the Cheyenne boy who saved his little sister from an attacking dog earlier this year has been providing updates on his treatments by plastic surgeons to heal the severe scars he received from his injuries.

Robert Walker has been posting many messages of thanks and gratitude for the outpouring of support his family has received since his 6-year-old son Bridger stepped in front of an attacking dog to protect his sister.

Bridger received multiple bites from the dog, which was euthanized at his owner’s request not long after the attack.

While Bridger was stitched up at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, doctors originally told the Walker family to wait to find treatment for Bridger’s scars until a year passed.

However, New York City-based Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali reached out to the family to offer his services and explained how new technology could allow immediate treatment with better results.

“Dr. Bhanusali gave us hope that everything would be alright and that we could make real progress in a few months rather than a few years,” Robert Walker said in a statement from the American Academy of Dermatology. “After going above and beyond to provide support, encouragement, and expert care, he reinforced our appreciation for the life-altering care that dermatologists provide.”

The Walker family traveled to New York, where Bridger received the first in a series of scar treatments.

“While the world and I celebrated Bridger’s incredible heroism and bravery, I also thought about how the scars from this attack could affect him physically, mentally, and emotionally,” Bhanusali said. “Working with Bridger and his family has been so rewarding, and I’m grateful to collaborate with Dr. Maughan so that Bridger can continue his care closer to home.” 

In addition to Bhanusali, the Walker family has also been working with Utah-based dermatologist Cory Maughan for Bridger’s scar treatments.

“Despite being across the country, Dr. Bhanusali and I are working together closely to ensure Bridger gets the best treatment possible and that he and his family are comfortable with his care,” said Dr. Maughan. “After everything Bridger and his family have been through, we want to give him every opportunity for his scars to look their best.”

The Walker family received support from all over the nation after the story about Bridger’s heroism went viral this summer.

Many of the cast members of the “Avengers” films, including Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor), have reached out to the family to donate gifts, telling the little boy what an inspiring hero he is.

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Missing Man, Dog Found On Union Pass After Going Missing This Weekend

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

A missing motorist and his dog were found safe but cold and hungry on Sunday after being stranded over the weekend on the Union Pass in Pinedale.

According to the Tip Top Search and Rescue social media accounts, the Wyoming Highway Patrol informed agencies of a reported missing motorist who last made contact with his family on Friday evening.

He was stopped behind the closed barrier on Wyoming Highway 28 and told his family he would find another route around the mountain, with his destination being Riverton.

Sublette County Sheriff’s officers were notified of a ping off his cell phone just northwest of Pinedale, but it was difficult to triangulate the man’s exact location.

Tip Top Search and Rescue members were sent out Sunday morning, intending to investigate all possible routes to Riverton, focusing on the Union Pass route north of Pinedale.

Due to the heavy snowfall over the weekend, a snow machine team of SAR members were deployed to ride the Union Pass road to see if any vehicle tracks could be found.

Around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, SAR team members found a vehicle matching the description of the one the man was driving near Raspberry Creek on the Fremont/Sublette County line. The car had slid off the road and gotten stuck.

Team members found a man and dog standing outside the vehicle and both appeared to be in good health, despite the situation. The man had an extensive medical history and hadn’t had food or his medication since Friday, but had no complaints than being cold and hungry

The man had plenty of gas in his vehicle and planned to stay until help arrived.

SAR members bundled the man in warm clothing and brought him, his dog and some personal belongings back down the trail until they met up with the rest of the team. The man was transferred to a warm vehicle and was taken to his family.

“This is a good reminder to check your routes before travel, plan extra time for inclement weather, have resources in your vehicle for survival should you become stranded, and ALWAYS let family and friends know where you are going,” Tip Top said in its Facebook post.

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Josh Allen For Sale This Holiday (Kind Of)

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

2020 has been mostly bad, with the world being hit by a plague, wild animals, an election that still hasn’t been officially decided and much more.

But as the year comes to a close, we can reflect on the things we’re most thankful for, such as being able to get our very own Josh Allen for the holidays.

Well, it’s a much smaller and more plastic-y version of the UW alum, but close enough.

Allen now has a Funko Pop figurine in his likeness for sale at various retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Target, which boasts the cheapest price at $9.99.

His Funko figurine (which are essentially bobbleheads, sans bobbling) currently has two five-star reviews on it on Target’s website, which is unsurprising, because he deserves five stars in everything he does.

The football player is decked out in his blue and white uniform, celebrating his time as a member of the Buffalo Bills football team. But, you could probably get some brown and gold paint and redecorate him to celebrate UW – we won’t tell.

This is the latest Allen-branded item to hit shelves this fall. Just recently, his cereal “Josh’s Jaqs” was available for sale at the UW bookstore (they taste like Fruit Loops, FYI).

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the cereal go to a children’s hospital in Buffalo, New York.

“It’s something that people get and they start their day and they look at me on a cereal box,” Allen told reporters in Buffalo. “It’s definitely weird, but it’s a cool thing and something to cross off the bucket list.”

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Casper Police Rescue (Very Cute) Abandoned Rat

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The Casper Police Department kicked off the holiday season by saving an adorable abandoned rat, as was the Christmas tradition in olden times.

Well, maybe not a tradition. Still, it’s a nice story.

On Tuesday morning, officers responded to the call of a reported disturbance when they saw a rat in the middle of the road, according to a post the department shared on social media.

While speaking with someone involved with the call, officers learned the rat was purchased to feed to a person’s snake, but was later thrown out. When officers finished the call around 2 a.m., they saw the rat was still in the road.

Since they felt compassion for the animal, officers encouraged it to move to a safer location off of the road.

At the end of their shift around 6 a.m., officers returned to the area to check on the rat, which was in the exact spot it had been left in, cold and afraid.

Instead of leaving the animal, officers placed some pieces of cloth from their cars into a box and placed the rat into it.

Later Tuesday morning, animal protection officers gave the rat to the Metro Animal Shelter, where it is receiving “wonderful care and meeting new friends.”

The rat must remain at the shelter for at least a week, to allow time for the owner to claim it. If not, it will be in need of a new home.

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Country Singer Kane Brown Films Latest Video In Jackson

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Country singer Kane Brown is the latest celebrity who has discovered the beauty of Wyoming and wants to show it off.

In his latest music video for his single “Worship You,” Brown and his family can be seen taking in the gorgeous Wyoming scenery while in a secluded spot in Jackson. Since the song is dedicated to Brown’s wife and baby daughter, they both appear in the video alongside him.

In a photoshoot with “People” magazine, the crew can be seen wearing masks, due to both the coronavirus pandemic and wildfires that were burning in the area not long before the video shoot.

“Jackson Hole has been a place that we wanted to go for some time — it was so beautiful and remote and we plan to go back again for a family vacation after this experience,” Brown told the magazine.

Brown and his wife Katelyn married just two years ago. Their daughter Kingsley recently turned one, which made the video that much more exciting and special for the family.

“That trip to Jackson Hole is one that we will never forget,” Katelyn Brown told the magazine. “Kingsley was a perfect baby throughout the whole video. She certainly isn’t camera-shy and she never fussed or got upset, even though by the end of the video it was really windy!”

“Worship You” is the second single off of Brown’s latest extended play, “Mixtape Vol. 1.” He hosted a drive-in concert back in October that was hosted at more than 200 venues across the country.

As of Friday, one week after the video premiered, “Worship You” has garnered more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

“It meant the world to me to be able to film the ‘Worship You’ video with Katelyn and Kingsley,” Brown told People. “This video will always have a special place in my heart because we filmed it together as a family.”

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“Yellowstone” Sends Out Final Call For Extras This Season

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Extras are needed for one more episode of “Yellowstone” for this season.

The “Yellowstone Montana Extras” page shared a call for extras on Tuesday morning, with filming slated for Nov. 12 in Hamilton, Montana. Extras will be required to take a coronavirus test in Missoula, though.

There are multiple categories for extras needed next week, including “college activists ages 18-23 men and women,” “career activists ages 40-70 men and women” and “out-of-state activists, think San Francisco types.”

All extras will be paid for their time and some have the opportunity to receive some extra cash to help pay for their.

Production is wrapping up on the fourth season of the series, which airs on the Paramount Network and streams on the Peacock app. It was co-created by Taylor Sheridan, who wrote and directed the critically-acclaimed film “Wind River.”

Kevin Costner, savior of the world and thief of many a woman’s heart in the 1980s, stars in the show.

Anyone interested in submitting should email and include information such as name, age, phone number, height, weight and clothing sizes. People who worked at the protest scenes in mid-October are eligible to come back for this day of shooting.

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Nebraska Now Has State-Approved Bigfoot Museum

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Wyoming’s next door neighbor Nebraska now has an official, state-approved Bigfoot museum, which we can all agree was the one thing the state was missing.

Last week, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts proclaimed Oct. 21 as “Bigfoot Crossroads of America Day,” which celebrated the museum of the same name in Hastings, according to the Grand Island Independent.

Owner Harriet McFeely was officially named the “Nebraska Bigfoot Lady” and her partner Kenny Collins was named “Nebraska Bigfoot Guy,” titles we can only hope become popular in Wyoming. We believe Gov. Mark Gordon would support making such a declaration.

McFeely’s museum features a 60-year collection of artifacts. She educates visitors about Bigfoot and the research into the legendary creature, while sharing stories and testimonies from other Bigfoot believers.

According to Visit Hastings, McFeely’s goal is “to bring further knowledge and appreciation of this unique species of all Bigfoot believers and non-believers.” She has been a Bigfoot believer since childhood.

Skeptics and believers are both encouraged to visit the museum, which has only been open for about two years.

Colorado also has a Bigfoot-themed attraction, known as the Sasquatch Outpost. So this means Wyoming needs to get an alien museum up and running, pronto.

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Country Singer Luke Combs And Conservationist Hunt In Douglas, Have Mini-Concert

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Country singer Luke Combs and conservationist and TV personality Steven Rinella recently had a boys’ weekend in Wyoming, and there are pictures and video to prove it.

Earlier this month, Combs and Rinella went hunting near Douglas and managed to nab an antelope, according to Rinella’s Instagram account.

Rinella is the host of the television show “MeatEater,” a nonfiction hunting series that airs weekly on Netflix, but began life on the Sportsman Channel in 2012. It moved to the streaming service in 2018.

In the show, Rinella (and sometimes a guest who may or may not be famous) travel throughout the United States and all over the world on hunting trips. He discusses the importance of hunting and being a conservationist and shares some interesting ways to prepare and serve wildlife after the hunt.

“Got this nice buck in Wyoming while running around with @lukecombs,” Rinella’s post said. “We laughed our asses off and had some great stalks. He’s a damn fine gentleman.”

Combs responded in the comments, saying he had a “hell of a time” and thanked Rinella for the outing.

As a North Carolina native, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Combs is also an avid hunter. In addition to the hunt, the country singer also serenaded Rinella and others with an acoustic rendition of “This One’s For You.

Comments on Rinella’s photo and video with Combs had people questioning whether or not this was a part of a new “MeatEater” episode, but only time will tell.

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