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More Than 9,000 Customers Affected By Power Outage In Gillette

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The timing of Monday’s power outage in Gillette was tricky as it hit during the evening commute home for many as it was reported just before 6 p.m.

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Gillette Student Discuss LGBTQ Book Concerns With Campbell County Commissioners

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Hiding LGBTQ+ material at a public library is censorship, they said, and it should be made available to readers of all ages.  

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CEO Of Gillette College Hired And Fired On Same Day

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Janell Oberlander was fired from her role as Vice President and CEO of Gillette College hours after she was hired.

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Criminal Prosecution Over ‘Obscene Material’ Sought In Gillette Library Squabble

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A report filed by citizens accusing leadership at the Campbell County Public Library of promoting obscene material has been forwarded on to the county attorney’s office for review, Sheriff Scott Matheny said Thursday.

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Gillette Drunk Driver Smashes Into Pet Store

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A 22-year-old male heard the initial crash and came outside to see a Ford Mustang coming directly at him.

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Campbell County Voters Approve Creation Of New Community College

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Campbell County voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the creation of a new community college within the county’s borders.

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No Fireworks Shows Within 100 Miles Of Gillette For Fourth Of July Weekend

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Wyoming Fireworks

Fire bans outlawing fireworks in Campbell County and the surrounding area means residents will need to travel if they want to see any professional fireworks displays this coming Fourth of July.

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Gillette To Consider Allowing Alcohol Delivery

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The Gillette City Council announced it will consider adopting regulations to comply with a new state statute that allows alcohol and malt beverage deliveries for some liquor license holders.

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Gillette College Bill Passes Senate, Advances To House

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An amended bill allowing for the formation of a local community college district has passed three readings in the Senate, despite a Sheridan senator’s call for the measure to die on the floor.

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Pickup Crashes into Gillette Fitness Facility

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A two-vehicle collision Sunday night resulted in a pickup sliding out of control and crashing into a fitness facility on Highway 59

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