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Wyoming Lawmakers Vote To Reduce Early Voting Window, Require Post-Election Audits

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Secretary of State Chuck Gray testifies in favor of a raft of legislation that would impact Wyoming elections. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Wyoming elections would be subject to post-election audits and early voting windows would be shortened under a bill advanced by a legislative committee Tuesday.

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Crossover Voting Bills Advance, But Weaker Than Some Wyoming Conservatives Want

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People line up in Cheyenne to vote in the 2022 general election. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

A bill that will restrict crossover voting in Wyoming passed through a legislative committee on Monday. The bill would allow voters to change their party affiliation up to 45 days before the primary election.

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Chuck Gray Wants To Do Away With ‘Predatory’ Campaign Tactic Used By Cheney

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Jenn Lowe, executive director for the Equality State Policy Center, testifies about Senate File 131 on Thursday. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

While some call sending unsolicited absentee ballots to voters a “predatory” campaign practice, others say it’s just being “accommodating.” Legislators are debating the tactic used by Liz Cheney and whether her mailers were unethical.

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Committee Kills Ranked Choice Voting For Wyoming

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Gail Symons with Civics307 testifies for the House Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions Committee on Friday. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Citing “ballot exhaustion,” costs and potential to confuse voters, a Wyoming House committee killed a proposal that would have allowed state municipalities to test ranked choice voting.

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Two Bills Would Make Concealed Carry Permits Legal Identification To Vote In Wyoming

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Sen. Lynn Hutchings. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

State Sen Lynn Hutchings told Cowboy State Daily that when she arrived at a polling place to vote, she realized she had no form of identification besides her concealed-carry permit. She said, “I’m a state legislator. I’m going to fix that.”

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No Decision Yet Over Lawsuit To Remove 100-Yards Distance Rule In Polling Places

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Photo by Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily

The 10th Court of Appeals is still considering arguments in a lawsuit that will determine how close people can campaign around polling places. Plaintiffs believe they should be able to campaign and gather signatures much closer to polling places.

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An Election Day Red Wave Or Red Ripple? Depends On Who You Ask

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Wyoming GOP Chair Frank Eathorne. Photo by Matt Idler

Former President Trump’s deputy campaign manager, who was in Casper for the state GOP meeting over the weekend, said that any margin of victory was significant because “Nancy Pelosi was fired.”

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U.S. Sens. Barrasso, Lummis Congratulate Hageman On Congressional Win

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Republican U.S. congressional candidate Harriet Hageman at her "Victory Night" watch party in Cheyenne. (Photo by Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

U.S. Sens. John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis on Tuesday said they look forward to working with Harriet Hageman as the newest member of Wyoming’s congressional delegation.

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Abortion, Election Fraud, And Economy Are Top Issues, Say Wyoming Voters

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People line up in Cheyenne to vote in the 2022 general election. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Voters casting their ballots at a Cheyenne polling place Tuesday said claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, abortion, and a horrible economy were their top issues for voting.

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Crook County GOP Won’t Support Primary Winner Sen. Ogden Driskill; Leaders Back Write-In Candidate

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Photo by Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily

The Crook County Republican Party has taken an official vote to not offer financial support or its endorsement support to Sen. Ogden Driskill, R-Devils Tower, and instead will back the candidate voters didn’t elect in the Aug. 16 primary.

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Reservation House District Candidates Spar Over Fed Control Of Tribal Land, Abortion, Education

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Incumbent Democratic House Rep. Andi LeBeau debated Republican challenger Sarah Penn on issues unique to the Wind River Indian Reservation, such as the federal government’s control of the land, littered garbage heaps and a two-year mask mandate.

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Trying To Turn Red Seat Blue, Democrat Targets GOP Incumbent Through Interstate Billboards

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Photo by Carol Ryczek for Cowboy State Daily

Trying to unseat a Republican incumbent in the reddest state in the nation isn’t easy. But Democrat Merav Ben-David is attempting the feat with creative billboards lined up on Interstate 80 through Laramie.

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