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Sublette County Denies Resort Expansion For Wall Street Billionaire Joe Ricketts

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In denying billionaire Joe Ricketts’ proposal to build a “Little Jackson Hole” in rural Wyoming, Sublette County Commissioner Doug Vickrey said, “I would like Mr. Ricketts to know that with all his wealth, there are some things in this world money cannot buy, and by God I’m one of them.”

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How a 42-Foot, 2,000-Pound Submarine Periscope Ended Up at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

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Cheyenne Botanic Gardens volunteers boast theirs is the only botanic gardens in the nation to have a submarine periscope. But the journey that ended with the periscope finding its new home in Cheyenne took a lot of planning, fast thinking and even more luck.

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Online retail’s impact could be opportunity for ‘mom-and-pop shops’

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By Ike Fredregill, Cowboy State Daily Online shopping is giving the Cowboy State’s brick-and-mortar retailers a run for their money, but it’s also creating new opportunities for local businesses, a Wyoming Business Council spokesperson said.   “We’ve added 74 net new businesses and 168 net new jobs to the Wyoming economy in 2018,” said Tom…

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Companies look for alternative uses for coal

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Companies look for alternative uses for coal

Once upon a time, coal helped to usher in a new technological age. So much concentrated energy in such a convenient package helped power the steam engines that drove the Industrial Revolution, transforming the way we live and work. Now, with coal’s future anything but certain, innovators are looking for new uses for the mineral that could fuel a new carbon-based high-tech manufacturing industry.

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Streamlining bureaucracy could improve opportunities for Native American startups

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Streamlining bureaucracy could improve opportunities for Native American startups

Gordon opened the WY-Wind River: Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Symposium on Wednesday at the University of Wyoming with remarks about moving forward together with Wyoming’s Native American population, embracing the outdoors and supporting entrepreneurship.

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