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Sen. Charlie Scott Says Shotgun Is Good Way To Deal With Annoying Drones

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State Sen. Charlie Scott says the best way to deal with pesky drones is with "a shotgun." (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Sens. Charlie Scott and Lynn Hutchings on Wednesday said there should be a provision in the drone bill that would allow a landowner to shoot down drones that are trespassing over private property.

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Realtor: Hobbyists Who Buy “Cheap Drones At Wal-Mart” Causing Problems For Legit Drone Operators

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In a legislative committee meeting on Wednesday, the president of the Wyoming Realtors association said commercial drone operators are well-behaved. It’s the “hobbyists who buy cheap drones at Wal-Mart and fly them over their neighbors’ properties,” who are causing all the problems, he said.

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Bill Outlawing Flying Drones Over Prisons Soars Through Wyoming Senate

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Cowboy State Daily Illustration (Getty Images)

Wyoming has had only two incidents involving delivery of contraband into prisons by drone, but the Department of Corrections says it’s growing across the country. A passed out of the Senate on Monday would make it illegal to fly drones over penal institutions.

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Wyoming Legislature 2023: Drones, Colorado River Protection High On List

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Bills affecting the Wyoming outdoors in the 2023 legislative session include cracking down on drone usage so not to give hunters an unfair advantage and to address privacy concerns as well as legislation to protect Wyoming water along tributaries to the Colorado River.

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