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Wyoming Police Dog Responsible For Busting Three Drug Traffickers in One Week

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

If there were a criminal’s handbook, you would think there would be a section on transporting drugs across Wyoming and why it’s a bad idea.

For starters, drugs are illegal in Wyoming. 

It’s not like Oregon where you can shoot-up heroin laced with Liquid Plumber in a daycare center while setting fire to a small business and win a participation trophy.

Things are different in Wyoming. And the best way not to get arrested for transporting drugs across Wyoming is not to drive across Wyoming transporting drugs.

Try Colorado. It’s not Oregon but you’ve got a better shot there.

In Wyoming, you have to deal with Arie the drug dog.

Just last week alone, Arie a K-9 with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office, was responsible for three different felony drug arrests.

That means a lot of drugs.

On February 9, Arie and his human handler were called out to a traffic stop at mile marker 383 in southeastern Wyoming.

When Arie made it out there, he detected a particular scent. Maybe it was because the motorists were carrying 69 pounds of raw marijuana in their vehicle.

On Valentine’s Day, Arie was sent out again. This time mile marker 8 heading south.

Once again, Arie caught a whiff of a particular scent. Perhaps it was the 64 pounds of marijuana this doofus was hauling.

One day later, Arie was requested again — this time in Cheyenne — and he detected the presence of two ounces of methamphetamine.

The lesson in all of this is: don’t transport drugs across Wyoming.

Arie’s not messing around.

Congratulations to Arie and his humans at the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office.

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Man Arrested For Driving 150 MPH Near Glenrock; Found Cowering Under a Bush

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If there were a criminal’s handbook you would think there would be a chapter on driving and what law enforcement regards as excessive speed.

It would mention that our friends in blue will usually give you a break for going just a little over the speed limit.

Like going 79 in a 75 or 43 in a 40.

But it is unlikely, they will give you a pass for going 150 when the speed limit is 80.

So begins the sad story of a California man who was allegedly driving his Dodge Challenger at near Category 5 hurricane speeds on Monday.

It seems that 26-year-old Santa Maria, California resident Matthew Ruiz was driving at a leisurely pace of 110mph (also illegal) when the Wyoming Highway Patrol pulled him over.

The officer thought Ruiz might be impaired (shocker) so did the standard thing: asked him for license, proof of insurance, etc.

Instead of producing said documents, Ruiz, apparently thinking the highway patrolman was Jackie Gleason in Cannonball Run, floored it.

The vehicle exited at Hat Six Road south of Casper and then was clocked at 150mph. 

That’s when the Highway Patrol gave up the chase for public safety. But they knew — as we all know — that you’re not going to outrun the radio.

Although it does raise the possibility that perhaps this individual had a plan. Like a helicopter was positioned over the horizon and at exactly the right time a ladder was going to drop and he would be airlifted away to safety.

Because this is Patrick Swayze in Point Break testosterone we’re talking about.

Either that or the guy was a real dumbass.

Turns out it was option 2.

Ruiz, apparently having run out of options, abandoned his car in Glenrock and a short time later was found whimpering and cowering under a bush.

Patrick Swayze he was not.

Ruiz was charged with a felony charge of driving while under the influence, fleeing to elude, driving while under suspension, open container, and reckless driving. 

Agencies that assisted with this event were Converse County Sheriff’s Department and Glenrock Police Department.

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Manhunt in Eastern Idaho Results in Gang Member Arrest

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If there were a criminal’s handbook, you would think they would have a section on tattoos and how they make criminals more identifiable.

Matthew James Wright, for example, might have missed that chapter.

He was arrested Saturday morning by the Pocatello, Idaho, police department after the U.S. Marshal’s Service launched a manhunt for the fugitive who was wanted for federal probation violations.

Turns out he has four felony convictions for possession of firearms.

Unfortunately for Wright, his head, face, and neck look like the front of a grafittied building — a badly graffitied building.

So when the feds launched the manhunt on Friday, it should come as little surprise that he was found only hours later.

Also of no surprise, he was arrested for allegedly committing more crimes.  Wright apparently didn’t read the chapter on stealing vehicles and how trying to escape the police after smashing into other cars — thereby disabling your vehicle — and then trying to run away on foot is a lose-lose situation.

He proved that chapter correct on Saturday morning when he did all of the above for a vaunted criminal’s trifecta.

Perhaps things would have gone better for Wright had he associated with different people. He could have joined the Kiwanis or the Lion’s Club or maybe Rotary.

Instead he chose the Sureños — an organization really not known for civic-minded projects like cleaning up parks or giving food to the needy.  Instead, this group — very well established in prisons — excels at distributing drugs and murdering people.

Apparently Wright has an accurate nickname, according to the U.S. Marshal’s Service.  He’s known as “Dopie.”

The U.S. Marshal’s Service said everyone should “rest easy” now that Dopie is back in his home environment.

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Driver, Perhaps With No Functioning Brain, Arrested After Attempting to Elude Troopers In Stolen Vehicle

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If there is a criminal’s handbook, you would think it would explain that trying to elude the Wyoming Highway Patrol on a remote stretch of interstate highway in Wyoming that has few exits (all of which pretty much lead to nowhere) has a success rate of basically zero.

Rapid City, South Dakota, resident Tinan Sky Trudell apparently skipped that chapter (if the handbook exists) and is now in custody following a pursuit that took place on I-25 Tuesday morning.

Turns out a trooper identified a stolen vehicle traveling on the interstate and attempted to pull the car over.

The driver of the 2017 Hyundai Veloster apparently did not agree to be pulled over and instead gunned the car, thinking she could outrun the Wyoming Highway Patrol despite being on a road with very few options.

While we have never heard of a Hyundai Veloster before, it became apparent after one quick Google search that it would not fare well in an off-roading situation.

The driver was south of Wheatland (and heading south) meaning there were only a handful of exits in the 70 miles to Cheyenne thereby making the prospects for escape likely dim — unless the vehicle could sprout wings.

We again resorted to Google and found out that on-demand wings were not an option in a 2017 Hyundai Veloster.

How did it play out?

Like they all do. The Highway Patrol deployed spike strips. The car’s tires deflated. The driver, apparently thinking there was still a way out, kept going on the vehicle’s rims.

The trooper attempted a Tactical Vehicle Intervention (TVI) maneuver and the stolen vehicle came to a stop.

At which point the driver apparently gave up.

Now Trudell faces a laundry list of charges including: possession of a controlled substance (shocker), possession of a stolen vehicle, fleeing to elude, reckless driving, speeding, and other traffic-related offenses.

Note: All suspects are presumed innocent until proved guilty.

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Man Charged With Transporting Meth After Being Pulled Over For Going 92MPH

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If there is a criminal’s handbook, you would think there would be a section that explained if you are transporting meth across Wyoming, it would be advisable not to drive 92 mph while smoking marijuana.

Because if you do that, you might as well install neon lights on the outside of your car spelling out “I’m an idiot”.

Dickinson, North Dakota, resident Jerry Dawson apparently skipped that chapter (if the handbook exists) because he and his passenger Bobby Dickerson of Bakersfield, California, were pulled over on Oct. 13 for allegedly doing exactly that.

Dickerson drew more attention to himself by by attempting to run away (allegedly) from the troopers once they were pulled over.

The problem there is they were 23 miles outside of Gillette. So there really wasn’t anywhere to run away to. And, no surprise to anyone, he was apprehended in a nearby field.

What tipped the Highway Patrol off? Outside of going 22 mph over the speed limit, the troopers allegedly saw a marijuana bud on the passenger seat and could smell the odor of burnt marijuana.

“This prompted a search of the car.  In the trunk of the Chrysler, troopers located approximately 2 pounds of methamphetamine,” the Highway Patrol reported.

Dawson and Dickerson have been charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, felony possession of a controlled substance, and felony possession with intent to deliver.

No word if Dickerson was also charged with attempting to flee from an officer.

The methamphetamine is believed to have originated out of Las Vegas, Nevada, with a final destination of North Dakota. 

Note: All suspects are presumed innocent until proved guilty.

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