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Man Breaks Into University Of Wyoming Apartment, Flees

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The University of Wyoming Police Department is on the lookout for a man who broke into a university apartment late Monday night, according to an alert sent out by UW around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.

A man was seen coming into the apartment through a kitchen window. When confronted, he left the area on foot.

He’s described as a white man, around 40 years old, 5-foot-9 with a slightly heavy build and dirty blond hair. He was wearing a dark shirt and dark trucker hat.

The suspect hasn’t been identified, and the report is under investigation by the UW Police Department.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call the Laramie Police Department (307-721-2526) or UWPD (307-766-5179).

As a safety precaution, it is recommended that students always keep all windows and doors locked.

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California Woman Busted For 87 Grams of Meth; 50 Grams (And Pipe) In Bra

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By Michael Summers, (republished with permission from County 17)

A routine traffic stop ended with the arrest of a California woman when she was pulled over for speeding Saturday morning just after 7 a.m. Tammy Barber, 54, was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance after allegedly being caught carrying 87.62 grams of methamphetamine.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Office deputies stopped Barber’s white Ford F-150 on HWY 50 near Southern Drive after she was clocked speeding 71 mph in a 55-mph zone.

As Barber handed deputies her California driver’s license, they could visibly see that she was shaking and appeared nervous, according to the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial District on Aug. 10.

Per court documents, she had also been pulled over the night before for speeding by another agency outside of Campbell County, but it didn’t specify where.

When the K-9 indicated positive for marijuana during a free-air sniff of the vehicle Saturday, Barber admitted to deputies that her son had used marijuana in the vehicle approximately one week prior, the affidavit stated.

Deputies then conducted a search of the vehicle and reportedly found what they suspected was marijuana wrapped in a blue and white surgical mask at which point Barber was placed under arrest.

While detained in the deputy’s patrol car during a further search of the vehicle, Barber allegedly admitted to hiding narcotics in the crotch area of her pants.

She then reportedly handed deputies a white baggie with approximately 38.27 grams of meth and was transported to the Campbell County Detention Center without incident.

Before entering the jail, Barber allegedly told deputies that she was hiding more narcotics in her bra. She then reportedly produced three more baggies of suspected methamphetamine, weighing 29.13, 5.04 and 15.18 grams, respectively, along with what appeared to be a meth pipe, per court documents.

Barber was arraigned on Aug. 10 for felony possession of a controlled substance with a bond of $5,000. At the time of reporting Tuesday morning, she was still incarcerated.

A conviction of felony possession of methamphetamine is punishable by imprisonment of up to 20 years, a $25,000 fine, or both.

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Casper Police Release Report On Shooting Which Left One Person Dead

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A gunfight involving Casper police last week that ended with one man dead erupted when officers were fired upon while trying to rescue a kidnapped woman, the Casper Police Department said Tuesday.

The department released its accounting of what happened during the gunfight that left Robert Land, 45, dead on Friday morning.

According to their report, the police received word Friday morning that an adult female was being held at gunpoint in an apartment.

The report said the police tried to communicate with those inside the apartment but ultimately had to break in to “save the life of the kidnapped woman.”

“Officers forced entry into the residence and, shortly after entering, were fired upon. Officers returned fire and safely evacuated several of the individuals inside the residence, uninjured,” the report read.

The police said the kidnapped woman was shot in the melee and was transported to the hospital, but has since been released.

No officers were hurt during the incident. 

Due to the fact weapons were discharged by police officers, the Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating the incident.

“In accordance with the Casper Police Department’s protocol and dedication to the standards of our profession, four of the officers involved in Friday’s incident have been placed on paid administrative leave,” the report said.

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Uinta County Authorities Investigating Arrow Shoved Down Puppy’s Throat

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Uinta County authorities are investigating an incident in which an arrow was shoved down a puppy’s throat last week.

According to Uinta County Law Enforcement Services’ Facebook page, a border doodle puppy named Milly wandered away from her family for a short time in Lyman on Aug. 6.

While she was gone, an arrow was shoved down the dog’s throat, injuring her “very badly,” but there was no indication the puppy died.

Crime Stoppers and the family are offering cash rewards for information regarding the incident. Information can be submitted by calling 307-787-6500.

This is the second time Wyoming pets have made headlines recently. The first was when Sublette County authorities reported a string of pet shootings in the area back in July.

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Update: Video Footage From Casper Police Shootout Released

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UPDATE 11:25am: A neighbor provided K2 Radio with video of today’s incident.

As K2 Radio advises, “the video is graphic and depicts a woman who was apparently shot being led out of the building.”

A death was reported Friday at the scene of a reported shootout and kidnapping in Casper, according to the Casper Police Department.

The department, in a post on its Facebook page, reported finding the body after exchanging gunfire with someone at a home in Casper.

The post said officers were responding at about 7 a.m. to a report of a woman being held against her will and at gunpoint at 2200 S. Jefferson in Casper.

After entering the residence, gunfire was exchanged when officers entered the home’s bedroom.

“Officers located multiple individuals. Two individuals sustained gunshots wounds, one of which was deceased on scene. The injured person was transported to the hospital,” the posting said.

No officers were injured during this incident.

At this time, this incident is under investigation by the Division or Criminal Investigations and further information will be released as it becomes available.

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National Trucking Company Announces They Won’t Deliver to Towns That Defund The Police; Wyoming Likely Unaffected

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A national trucking company announced on Wednesday that it would no longer deliver to any municipalities that are pushing to defund the police.

A cursory examination of city council action in the cowboy state shows that Wyoming would likely not be affected by the announcement although protestors in Laramie and Jackson have vocally supported the anti-law enforcement sentiment.

Mike Kucharski, owner of JKC Trucking, told FOX News that defunding police is an awful idea as the cargo on its trucks are prime targets for thieves.

“Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they are on the road,” Kucharski said.

He said a secondary concern was over insurance and whether he would have coverage in areas that defund the police.

“Another issue that I am seeing in the future is I have cargo insurance, liability insurance, fiscal damage insurance, and I am very curious how when I renew my contracts at the end of the year, if there is going to be language — if I am going to even have coverage going into these places,” Kucharski said.

Although nothing official has happened in Laramie and Jackson, protestors in both towns have actively supported the concept of defunding or dismantling law enforcement.

One protest group in Laramie suggested reallocating some police funds to pay for “local school lunch debt.”

The organization also petitioned for “an immediate hiring freeze” of police officers, with the overall goal being to reduce the number of law enforcement officers in the community.

In Jackson, the group Act Now JH said its focus was “defunding the Teton County Sheriff’s Office and funding organizations that contribute to the well-being of our community.”

“We’re not trying to get rid of all police officers immediately. We’re advocating for equitable emergency response,” said a spokesman for the group.

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Wyoming Highway Patrol Makes Arrest In Child Sex Abuse Case

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is crediting an Oklahoma nonprofit organization for helping troopers make an arrest in a felony child sex abuse case.

According to a release posted to the department’s Facebook page, on June 18, WHP troopers were notified of a possible victim of human trafficking coming into the state.

The signs were initially observed by a Colorado Port of Entry officer while inspecting a commercial vehicle. The officer recently completed training provided by Truckers Against Trafficking, an organization that provides training on how to spot signs of trafficking.

The officer became suspicious after observing several human trafficking indicators. The driver allowed the inspecting officer to speak with the female passenger in the truck and learned she was younger than the driver by nearly 30 years.

The woman told the officer she was an out-of-work model, depressed and out of money. The officer asked the woman several times if she felt safe or wanted help, to which she declined to give a clear answer.

The driver’s and passenger’s identifications were checked through the Colorado law enforcement database, but no problems were revealed.

Since the woman didn’t cooperate with the officer, officers allowed the two to leave. But after the woman and driver left, the officer decided to check their identifications through a national database.

The officer found out the driver had an outstanding warrant from Oklahoma for child sexual abuse and notified the Wyoming Highway Patrol. WHP notified troopers of the vehicle description.

Troopers located the vehicle west of Cheyenne and confirmed the driver had a warrant for felony child sexual abuse. He was arrested without incident.

The passenger said the driver hadn’t harmed her, but she was counseled on the early warning signs of being groomed for trafficking. She was taken to a Cheyenne hotel and was given a room for the night.

“This is one more story that was able to end well due to multiple agencies working together to make sure victims of human trafficking are rescued, and offenders are held accountable,” the release said.

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Rawlins Man Charged With Attempting to Elude Police In Tractor While Drunk

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When it comes to high-profile, low-speed police chases, O.J. Simpson’s 1994 spectacle in southern California is hard to beat.

It’s doubtful Rawlins resident Matthew Farrington was trying to outdo Mr. Simpson but his low-speed chase had an element that Simpson’s did not — a tractor.

According to our friends at Saratoga’s Bigfoot 99, Farrington was driving his orange tractor down a city street in Rawlins earlier this month but unfortunately couldn’t keep it in one lane.

The weaving caught the eye of a Rawlins police officer who attempted to pull Farrington and his tractor over.

Police Sgt. Joel Robertson turned on his police lights and later the siren but Farrington ignored the direction to stop.

The radio station reported that Farrington did, however, “turn in his seat to look at Sgt. Robertson several times but continued driving.”

Eventually the chase ended when Farrington — while driving on the wrong side of the road — stopped at his house and attempted to go inside.

It was at that point that the officer stopped the driver and attempted to administer a field sobriety test, which the driver refused.

Farrington’s mother, however, was at the scene and told officers her son had been drinking.

Bigfoot 99 reported that police documents said Farrington smelled “very strongly of alcohol and could hardly hold himself up.  He was slurring his words, was combative and argumentative.”

If convicted of Driving Under the Influence, it will be Farrington’s fourth such conviction in 10 years, which is considered a felony in Wyoming.  

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Sweetwater County Sheriff Investigating Alleged Sexual Abuse Of Horses

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Tuesday that it was looking into a report of a man sexually abusing horses.

According to a news release on the department’s Facebook page, a deputy took an initial report about a man trespassing on private property to engage with sexual acts with horses. The reporting party owns horse corrals in the Northpark neighborhood of Rock Springs.

The property owner told the deputy that they chained and locked the gate a certain way when leaving the corral at night. When they returned to the corral the next day, it was chained differently.

Given the suspicious circumstance, the property owner set up a trail camera to surveil the corral. Days later when reviewing photos, the property owner discovered images showing someone entering the corral and apparently engaging in sex acts with the horses.

Investigators identified the man in the images, who admitted to trespassing and engaging in sex acts with two horses. The man’s identity is being withheld until formal charges are filed.

“While shocking, this is actually a very difficult case,” department spokesman Jason Mower said in the release. “Wyoming is only one of a handful of states without a bestiality statute on the books.”

Mower also explained that for an animal cruelty charge to hold up in court, it would have to be proven that the man actually injured the horses.

Detectives believe other horses in the area may have been targeted. Authorities are also investigating a possible assault case stemming from the property owners confronting the suspect.

Anyone with information related to this case should call 307-922-5345.

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Officials Investigating Possible Arson At Glacier National Park

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Staff at Glacier National Park and Flathead Crimestoppers are investigating multiple suspected arson fires that started in the North Fork area of the park last week.

The North Fork Landowners Association is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible for the fires, according to a news release from the National Park Service.

Early in the morning of July 23, a resident woke rangers at the Polebridge Ranger Station with the report of a nearby fire. Later, the Numa Ridge fire lookout reported smoke near Ford Creek.

Rangers and NPS fire crews eventually found a total of eight fires along the Inside North Fork Road between Logging Creek and Kintla Lake. Most of the fires had begun in dry logs or brush, but one fire destroyed the historic Ford Creek patrol cabin.

The cabin was built as a “snowshoe” cabin in 1928 and was used for decades during winter backcountry patrols. The structure was listed on the National Register of Historical Place for having architectural and historic significance, exemplifying the rustic architecture of early park backcountry structures and the history of Glacier National Park’s development and administration.

The cabin site is around eight miles north of Polebridge.

All the fires were extinguished shortly after being discovered.

On the evening of July 22, suspicious fires were reported at the Glacier Gateway Elementary and the Summit Mountain Lodge at Marias Pass. Investigators are working to see if those fires may be related to the ones on July 23.

Anyone witnessing suspicious activity on the night of July 22 or early morning of July 23 in the Polebridge or North Fork area is encouraged to call Flathead Crimestoppers at 406-752-8477. All calls remain anonymous. Glacier National Park also has a tip line established, 406-888-7077, if someone would like to talk with a park ranger. 

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