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As Fight For Overtaxed Colorado River Comes To Boil, Wyoming Looks To Protect Its Interests

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Lake Mead, which is fed by the Colorado River, is down considerably. (Getty Images)

Wyoming water specialist Chris Brown warned that Wyoming has a direct interest into the growing Colorado River crisis that could affect millions of people. Wyoming’s rivers account for 15% of the Colorado River’s water.

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Wyoming Legislature 2023: Drones, Colorado River Protection High On List

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Bills affecting the Wyoming outdoors in the 2023 legislative session include cracking down on drone usage so not to give hunters an unfair advantage and to address privacy concerns as well as legislation to protect Wyoming water along tributaries to the Colorado River.

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Wyoming Getting Screwed In Colorado River Pact; Too Many People Using Wyoming Water, Observers Say

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Flaming Gorge in Wyoming, one of the headwaters of the Colorado River. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Corbis via Getty Images)

A Wyoming state senator and a Colorado water expert say Wyoming is getting stiffed on the Colorado River Compact. They say the 100-year-old compact has very little benefit to Wyoming.

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Wyoming, Other Colorado River States Scrambling To Avoid Lake Powell Turning Into “Dead Pool”

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The water line shows how depleted Lake Mead has become. (Roger Kisby/Bloomberg)

Wyoming and other states along the Colorado River drainage are in a state of “triage” trying to assess just how bad the situation is. “Everyone recognizes that the patient is bleeding out on the table,” one water law professor said.

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Water Experts: Wyoming Can’t Avoid Potential ‘Doomsday’ Colorado River Crisis

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Severe drought has nearly dried up parts of Lake Powell, which is fed by the Colorado River. (Getty Images)

Although the prolonged drought along the Colorado River may seem to be the troubles of other states, it has a big impact on Wyoming. Roughly 90% of the Colorado River’s water comes from snowpack in Wyoming and the other upper basin states. 

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