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Spring Donor Drive For Cowboy State Daily Continues – Thanks For The Financial Support And Wonderful Comments

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By Bill Sniffin, publisher

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Ray Hunkins: First-Person Report To Wyoming From The Southern Border

in Column/Ray Hunkins

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By Ray Hunkins, columnist
Ray Hunkins is a retired Wyoming lawyer and former law enforcement officer who spends part of the year on the Border.

   “Knock, knock . . . who’s there?”  Years ago, these words were the introduction to funny jokes. “Knock, knock . . . who’s here” is no joke.

An estimated 23,000 illegal aliens a month have escaped apprehension and made their way into the interior of our country. Some of them represent a danger to the communities in which they have imbedded.

   I write this from a location 27 miles north of the International Border with Mexico and 3 miles south of a permanent Border Patrol checkpoint on the Interstate. I don’t claim to be an expert in immigration issues, but I am interested, observant, curious, and have a background in law and law enforcement. Thus, I have been interested in the unprecedented “challenge” (according to the Homeland Security Secretary) now occurring on our Southern Border.

   I listen to Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officers that work on and adjacent to, the Border.  I see them frequently. I ask a lot of questions. We routinely shop in a border community to our south and routinely travel north, through the Border Patrol checkpoint. I have done business with many Americans of Mexican decent in and around the community we live in during the winter and I have done business with Mexican Nationals in Sonora, Mexico. Great folks. Most are concerned with the chaos and lawlessness that is the Southwest Border today..

         The Biden Administration refuses to call it a “crisis” but I don’t know how else you could describe what is going on along the Border. They seem obsessed with the words that are used to describe what is happening and not very interested in fixing it. It is, in short, a catastrophe.

   On the entire length of the Border, from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California, during the month of March, the Border Patrol reported 172,331 “encounters” compared to 34,460 in March of last year. “Encounters” include apprehensions of illegals as well as contacts with those claiming asylum. Increases were seen in all demographics: single adults, family units and, at last count, 20,000 unaccompanied children. The Border Patrol’s apprehensions year to date are at a 20-year high.

    The situation is bad and getting worse. The numbers of illegal crossers are fewer here in the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector than elsewhere, say in the Texas sectors adjacent to the Rio Grande. The Texas sectors are inundated with a great influx of unaccompanied juveniles and families from Central America.

Nevertheless, the Tucson Sector, which has 262 Border miles, has experienced 83,000 apprehensions year to date, compared to 35,500 this time last year.

   Human smuggling and its “progeny of evils”, sex trafficking and involuntary servitude, have become big business for the cartels and gangs that control illicit Border crossings. And, let there be no doubt, Mexican cartels control the Border.

   According to Art Del Cueto, a veteran Border Patrol Agent and president of the Tucson Chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, the average cost to be smuggled across the Border is about $4,000. Multiply that by the number of illegal crossings and it is easy to see why the cartels are increasingly turning to human smuggling as a preferred source of revenue.

   The apprehensions since the beginning of the fiscal year, October 1st,  and through March, include 136 identified gang members, including 37 members of the notorious MS-13 gang. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, some of the MS-13 members have been trained in guerilla warfare. “The gang is well-organized and is heavily involved in illegal enterprises, being notorious for its use of violence to achieve its objectives.” In addition to gang members, recent apprehensions have included two Yemini Nationals known or reasonably suspected of being engaged in terrorist activities and on the Terrorist Watch List.

   The seizure of drugs coming across the Border has skyrocketed. Since the beginning of the fiscal year and  through March, the Customs and Border Protection Agency has seized 347,755 pounds of illegal drugs, including 5,586 pounds of deadly Fentanyl, 55,420 pounds of Cocaine, 91,031 pounds of Methamphetamine and 193,082 pounds of Marijuana.

   How many drugs made it across the border undetected? That is unknown, but you can be assured it was plenty. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recently told Fox News that drug smugglers are driving trucks filled with drugs, across remote areas of the Border, while Border agents, who would normally interdict such activity, are busy with children and paper work. Both Congressman Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, in separate interviews, have stated that 40% of Border Patrol agents’ time is spent in tasks other than patrol, investigation and apprehension – tasks like taking care of children at detention centers, transporting Border crossers to bus stations and filling out the incessant paper work.

   The flood of immigrants and contraband has resulted in chaos at the Border and in many of the Communities along the Border. Attorney General Brnovich says, “the system is overwhelmed”.

   An “overwhelmed system” is not Border Agent Del Cueto’s greatest concern. He is most worried about the, “got-a-ways” – those illegal border crossers who were not apprehended and who evaded the Border Patrol, successfully getting away from the Border and into the interior of the country. Del Cueto estimates that in the Tucson Sector, the number of “got-a-ways”, year to date, is 48,000 ( an average of 8,000 per month). Given the number of apprehensions, 83,000, that means the Boarder Patrol is about 50% effective in Arizona.

   Border-wide, CBP’s estimate of got-a-ways is 140,000, year to date. Del Cueto says that is low. “I can guarantee you it’s more than 140,000.” Del Cueto worries about who these people are and why they have gone the extra mile, and made the extra effort, to evade detection.

    Who would want to evade detection when illegal crossers are being welcomed at the Border, processed and released if they claim asylum or have a child that they claim is a family member? Drug smugglers would. Sex traffickers would. Crossers with a felony record would. Cartel enforcers would. Gang members and terrorists would. Foreign agents and provocateurs would.

   In instances where the crossers are observed but not apprehended their numbers are estimated. Estimates of “got-a-ways” are made by counting tracks, monitoring remote cameras, both fixed and in drones and air assets that surveil remote areas of the Border. It stands to reason that there would have to be evidence of illegal crossing in order for any estimate to be made. When crossers successfully enter the U.S. and are completely undetected, they will not be counted in the estimated number.

    When estimates can be made because there is observable evidence, the estimates are rough, at best. Large numbers of human tracks in a confined space are difficult to count. Carpet shoes are often found with other discarded clothes where the surreptitious crossers change clothes before entering populated areas so as to better blend into the population. Exterior soles covered in carpet do not leave discernable tracks.

   So, what happens to these illegal crossers that are not apprehended at the Border? Enforcement of immigration and customs laws in the interior of the country is not the purview of the Border Patrol. The oft demonized Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as “ICE” is responsible for protecting us from illegal crossers that make it to the interior of the country; those who are not apprehended at the Border.

   ICE states its mission to be, “to protect America from the cross-border crime and illegal immigration that threatens national security and public safety. This mission is executed through the enforcement of more than 400 federal statutes and focuses on immigration enforcement and combating trans-national crime”.

   Unfortunately, ICE has been demonized by activists and is not favored by the Biden Administration. At the same time Border apprehensions are at a 20-year high, ICE arrests are down 75%.

   As a result of the policy shift disfavoring interior enforcement, Stephen Miller, former senior advisor to the Trump Administration, recently characterized it as a, “war on ICE”. Miller went on to state that the Administration has issued a directive to ICE to, “stop arresting criminal offenders among the illegal alien population.” Chief Deputy Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, Matt Thomas, says, “the policy shift is killing us.”

   So, if ICE is not aggressively, “protecting America from the cross-border crime and illegal immigration that threatens national security and public safety,” who is?

   Local and state law enforcement has stepped into the breach – and not just on the Border – but everywhere. Cross border crime is a problem that started on the Border but is now flooding the Nation from coast to coast and border to border.

   Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, Florida recently stated that human and drug trafficking across the Southwest Border affects every county in America. Sheriff Clyde Harris of Platte County, Wyoming agrees with Sheriff Ivey and likens human trafficking to slavery. Sheriff Justin Marr of Victoria County, Texas notes a large increase in cross-border crime. He states that papers and personal effects among some illegal crossers link them to MS-13 and ISIS. Chief Deputy Thomas states the federal government is contributing to the overload of crime being experienced in Pinal County. “It’s like they don’t care” he says.

    What is the Biden Administration doing to protect the citizens of the United States from cross border crime and illegal immigration? Not much, as it turns out. The Migrant Protection Protocols put in place by the previous administration have been suspended. Work on the Border Wall has stopped. “Catch and release” has been revived as a policy. Many of the migrants who are apprehended, are being bussed and flown to interior communities across the United States. The Agreements negotiated by the Trump Administration with the Northern Triangle Countries have been abandoned.

    President Biden has yet to visit the Border. It has been three weeks since he announced that Vice President Harris would take charge of the Border problems. She has yet to put in an appearance at the Border. The Secretary of Homeland Security firmly denies there is a crisis. “It’s a challenge”, he says. The press is denied access to detention facilities housing minors. The Administration’s actions and inaction lead one to the conclusion the Border is not a priority for this Administration. Instead of a strategy, there is ineffective improvisation.

   The public and the media are fixated on the treatment of the children and the humanitarian concerns regarding illegal immigrants and those claiming asylum. Meanwhile, agents of the Border Patrol are taking care of the children, acting as chauffeurs, filling out paper work and dodging the Corona virus. All of this while an estimated 140,000 “get-a-ways”, among them, drug smugglers, human traffickers, gang members, terrorists and assorted criminal felons, evade apprehension and imbed themselves in cities and towns across America.

   The Biden Administration has acted with alacrity on one issue involving the Border. It recently named its nominee to lead the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, the administrative home for the Border Patrol. According to the New York Times, the nomination, if approved, will provoke a, “seismic cultural shift” in the Agency. That may be an understatement.

   In nominating the Tucson Chief of Police, Chris Magnus, the Administration managed to give a giant middle finger to the law enforcement officers who protect the Border. Magnus, a vocal critic of the Trump Administration’s Border policies (policies that worked), has been at odds with the Border Patrol and ICE since arriving in Tucson, woke views in tow, in 2016. Only a year after arriving, he wrote an op-ed criticizing Trump’s views on sanctuary cities, views with which most law enforcement officers on the Border agreed.

   Magnus made headlines when, as Chief of Police in Richmond, California, he was photographed, in uniform, carrying a Black Lives Matter sign during a protest. Magnus, who is openly gay and the first police chief in the United States to marry his husband, earned the disdain of a large segment of the law enforcement community on the Border, by openly supporting the radical, Marxist organization.

   The Vallejo Times Herald quotes a 2018 Facebook post by officials of the National Border Patrol Council, which stated Magnus, “is an ultra-liberal social engineer who was given a badge and a gun by the city of Tucson”. The Facebook post went on to allege, “Magnus was preaching anarchy and encouraging police officials to commit dereliction of duty”.

   The nomination of Magnus will require Senate confirmation. I expect Arizona’s two Democrat senators will support the nomination, but the last thing the Border needs is a demoralized Border Patrol whose leadership is politicized. The nomination is an opportunity for the Senate to show support for the men and women of the Border Patrol and ICE, while simultaneously making a statement that immigration laws are to be enforced. It is my hope that Senator John Barrasso and Senator Cynthia Lummis will seize the opportunity and vote not to confirm.

   This Administration is failing in its duty to, “faithfully execute the laws” and displays its contempt for the Rule of Law and the safety of the American people by nominating an individual who is not respected by the people he will lead and who has demonstrated support for radicalism, Marxist ideology and sanctuary cities.

    Customs and Border Protection must have a leader it trusts; a leader who believes in borders and who will enforce the law. Wokeness in the face of the catastrophe that is our Southwest Border is not a qualification for the position.

      The Biden Administration has presided over chaos and criminality at the Border. It is only a matter of time before Americans who don’t live on the Border, reap the whirlwind the Biden Administration has sewn. Political leaders in Washington need to protect all Americans from the clear and present danger that is a lawless Border.

Laws must be enforced.

Illegal migrants who are a danger to our society need to be identified, apprehended and removed. The Border needs to be sealed, the flow of drugs stopped and those sworn to protect the Border need to know they are supported and appreciated for their dangerous work.

Jimmy Orr: Cynthia Lummis Bodyslams Montana Rep Who Doesn’t Understand Where Yellowstone Is

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Anyone who’s from Wyoming might occasionally get annoyed when people sometimes associate Yellowstone National Park with Montana.

After all, it’s barely in Montana. Only 3 percent of the park is located in Montana whereas 96% is located in Wyoming and the extra 1 percent (if anyone cares) is located in Idaho.

So when Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale had the audacity to say that Montana was the home of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis rightfully body slammed him.

This all took place on social media where Rosendale apparently was celebrating National Park Week and cut a :45 second video where he committed the foul.

“When you think of national parks, there is a reason you think of Montana. We’re home to the two crown jewels of the National Park system: Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks,” he wrongly said.

The Western Caucus, a group representing western representatives, tweeted the video along with the error-filled language “Rep. Rosendale of Montana represents Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world, and Glacier National Park, which includes over 1 million acres.”

Lummis, rightfully, reworked that tweet correcting the language.

With a red pen, Lummis corrected the first sentence to read:

“When you think of national parks, there’s a reason you think of Wyoming.”

Then she took to the second sentence where she inserted some language that made the statement correct.

“Rep. Rosendale of Montana represents a tiny part of Yellowstone National Park…” the corrected copy reads.

Rosendale weakly tried to come back by saying:  “They put the show in Montana for a reason.”

Then, Lummis, from the top ropes emasculated Rosendale with one deadly sentence.

“Not our fault the Hollywood is bad at geography,” she said.

Silence. Rosendale couldn’t reply. She annihilated him. 

He should probably resign.

Montana’s Sen. Steve Daines then chimed in saying “I think we should talk.”

Lummis happily obliged tweeting a photo of a Wyoming shirt with a bison and the wording “Yellowstone National Park.”

Game. Set. Match. Wyoming.

Well done, Sen. Lummis. Well done.

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Jonathan Lange: Cheyenne’s Baby John Doe Mystery – Will DNA Technology Solve It?

in Column/Jonathan Lange

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By Jonathan Lange, columnist

Cowboy State Daily reported last Monday that the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department has partnered with Othram labs to reopen a 33-year-old murder investigation. (Wendy Corr, “Laramie County: Wyoming Investigators Reopen 1988 Dead Infant Case” April 12, 2021)

Using the new technology of Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing©, they are working to solve the case of a “Baby John Doe” who was found in west Cheyenne in 1988.

Rapid developments in DNA sequencing are opening cold cases all over the world. Just a year ago, a similar case was solved in Meriden, Connecticut. The newborn had been left under a tree two months before Baby John Doe was found in Cheyenne.

When the DNA trail led police to his mother, she told them that “she’d been waiting 32 years for the day [when] police would be knocking on her door regarding this incident.” Her reaction revealed a simple truth: The solution that she found in a moment of panic neither resolved her problems, nor ended the matter.

My heart breaks for the child who was killed. But it also aches for the decades of mental torture that his mother must have experienced. Thankfully, this mother’s path to healing was opened by the application of DNA sequencing.

I pray for the mother and father of Cheyenne’s Baby John Doe. They, too, have an opportunity for healing that remains hindered so long as the truth remains hidden.

The similarity of these two cases led me to perform a simple internet search to inquire how many others there might be. In less than a second, I found dozens of cold-cases from all over the nation where newborns were left to die anonymously. Undoubtedly, each of these cases will be solved as genetic databases become more and more complete.

Until now, these sad stories only reached the national news in those rare cases when parents were located by traditional forensic means. Today we are standing at the beginning of a tidal wave of mysteries solved by emerging DNA technologies.

To get an idea of how large this wave might be, I consulted one Wyoming Ob-Gyn physician. I learned that he encounters patients on a monthly basis who have complications from self-procured medicinal abortions at home.

Occasionally, there are signs of a live birth, but the patient denies having had a baby. That’s only one practitioner in one city. Multiply this by twelve months in a year, and nearly three dozen such doctors in Wyoming and the potential numbers are staggering.

Each one of these women represents a case in which the State’s best efforts have failed. They did not receive information about the law and the many ways that Wyoming’s agencies, non-profits and safe-haven laws could have helped them avoid this crime and the guilt that followed it.

Each newborn was a Wyoming citizen who was not afforded the protections promised in Wyoming’s Constitution. Each father either failed to care for his child or was never informed of the pregnancy and given the chance to step up.

Wyoming can do better. That starts with opening our eyes to the problem. For years politicians have been pretending that such things do not happen in our state. That is no longer tenable.

Wyoming just passed SF 34 Born alive infant-means of care into law. It’s time for the Board of Medicine to create policies that ensure its enforcement. SF 34 addresses failed abortions, but it does not cover babies like little John Doe. Currently, Wyoming has no procedures in place for doctors to report obvious signs of birth without a baby. The Board of Medicine must address this also.

We are deluding ourselves if we believe that continued cover-ups help these mothers. Reluctance to investigate helps no one. Justice is not only beneficial for the victim. Justice is also beneficial for the perpetrator.

An ancient king named, David, learned this lesson and wrote of it when he tried to cover up his crimes. “[W]hen I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long” (Psalm 32:3). His cure was found in confession: “I acknowledged my sin to you, and I did not cover my iniquity; I said, ‘I will confess my transgressions to the LORD,’ and you forgave the iniquity of my sin” (v. 5).

As DNA sequencing technology becomes ever more accurate, many more hidden crimes will be brought to the light. Rather than fearing this revelation of the truth, we should embrace it.

It is painful to face our failings, but it also opens a powerful path to healing. Jesus died for the crimes of all. He rose from the grave to give new life to all. He placed his Church on earth to forgive the sins of all who are repentant. By God’s grace, the revelations of DNA technology will give countless people an opportunity to hear and receive this forgiveness.

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Rusty Rogers: It’s Time To Choose, Are We Socialists Or Not?

in Rusty Rogers/Column

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

To those who watch closely or even just occasionally, it’s clear by now that the left is indeed trying to change America into a socialist country.

Recent actions and inactions have removed all doubt to all but the least aware or the greatest deniers.

Why you might ask, would any sane person try to destroy the most successful and freest nation to ever exist. Can’t help you with that. My personal belief is extreme psychosis of some sort, or runaway greed. Bottom line, it is happening; what all of us decide to do about it is so important I can’t find the words.

Some I have talked to believe we are at the beginning of the end as noted in the Bible. I discussed this before and like then I’m not prepared to argue against the idea.

I firmly believe that God does not intend for us to just give it all up. He ordained this country and then placed us here to guide and protect true liberty. We have been singularly lazy and careless so now we have to buck up and perform our duty.

The left has a small army and it’s very active. In fact, they have two armies, BLM and ANTIFA. They are killing people and trust me, it’s going to get worse. The corporations are going to bow to the greatest noise and threat. They don’t want an angry customer base so whatever the bullies want, they get.

MLB moved out of Georgia and into Colorado because it was demanded of them. It’s going to turn out to be a bad idea or should. Those young totally non-productive members of the armies of the left are not the fans that support the game and players. You and I are. Full disclosure, l used to be. Never again will I spend one buck on what was once my favorite sport.

It’s pretty clear the move had nothing to do with election laws because the two states have nearly identical laws with Colorado being slightly tougher, so the law was not the reason. Canceling was. If Georgia gives in it will be very, very bad. We have GOT to start fighting back. It’s time to declare who you are.

America is supposed to be a meritocracy, where you have the right to opportunity but not the guarantee of success. You see, that comes with honest effort, not burning cars in the street until you get what you want.

If you want to wear a mask and carry a club and pepper spray to intimidate and injure, you need to be met with force and stopped. Not killed unless absolutely necessary, but justice needs to return to America in the form it was intended. You need to stand trial and if found guilty, punished.

We the people need to stand up to the bullies. When a citizen is forced to defend his or her life, the attacker must be arrested not the victim. That will require taking back control of our cities and towns and that will require becoming involved. Involved to the  extent necessary whatever that may be. It’s time to once again be what we are and were always meant to be. Tough.

If someone claims you hurt their feelings and wants you to be silenced, tell them no. Tell them to grow up and act like an adult. Choose your own words. Let no one tell you what you can say or what you can think. Understand the you are not a racist or xenophobe. The one accusing you, is.

 Support people who, like you, want their free country back. The truth is that America is no longer a free country. It is far from it. If a small group of paid anarchists can force a huge corporation to do their bidding, if they can dictate behavior and language to an entire country, if a non-elected bureaucrat can shut down an entire nation, we are not free.

The masks they told you had to be worn everywhere turned out to be less than 2% effective. I suspect that was known all along. The virus we were told required long contact is actually airborne. I’m told that the lethality turns out to be less than half that of the normal flu. Which, by the way, we seem to have become immune to. Tongue in cheek.

SARS-2  is a virus that can be very deadly to many people but not to the vast majority, I believe. I think that Dr. Tony Fauci knew that, if he didn’t know he was a very useful dupe. The virus was used to make time and opportunity to ensure that Trump never returned to the White House. The millions of deaths worldwide were of little consequence to those who wanted that particular goal.

We don’t know the future –  it may indeed be the beginning of the tribulation. This I do know it is not going to be a walk in the park. If ever there was a period in the history of the United States that proved the wisdom of our founders and the need for the second amendment, it is now.

We made some good progress this year in Cheyenne but not to the point that we should have. I go back to what I often say, we have to change Cheyenne.

Stop electing RINOs and get the people in there we should have. Wyoming is the reddest state in the nation but our state congress is purple with a red cape.

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Doug Camblin: One Nation Under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All

in Column/Doug Camblin

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By Doug Camblin, guest columnist

I Pledge Allegiance, do we really? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves.

Recently our Governor, Mark Gordon took action to continue the State of Emergency he declared at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, this is one of the requirements to receive Federal dollars.

The comments on social media have reflected a variety of views, some positive a lot negative, not unusual on social media.

What comes to my attention is this misconception of the role our Federal Government plays in our State Government.

There are many it seems that have the opinion we are not just a state but a standalone autonomous government with the constitutional right to control our every move. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is our Federal and State Constitutions are intricately interwoven together. These are documents that tie us together in the strongest contracts that can be written.

I am sure the authors of both not only agonized over but debated on every word and phrasing in these documents. Words matter.

There is a reason for each and every one. The Great State of Wyoming and the United States of America are forever in a Partnership. We are bound together by our Constitutions.

 Across the broad spectrum of thought and political philosophy there are some that promote outlandish conspiracies. 

I will take this opportunity to digress to a personal soap box. Some of these conspiracies in my opinion cross the line of freedom of speech by crying Fire in a crowded theater.

One is that we as a State can succeed from the Union, an idea that the Chairman of the State Republican Party was giving ear to, another is that our former President will be reinstated in August by a Supreme Court decision after Mr. Pillow presents his irrefutable hearsay evidence.

What this type of talk is really promoting is a hostile takeover of our Government, they are promoting a Coup, that would result in a very short-lived Civil War. This idea is not Patriotic nor is it American, it is Anarchy trying to hide behind a Patriotic mask.

There are fringe political organizations promoting these extreme fairy tales as the truth with their followers believing these fabrications.

They begin their meetings with an invocation to the God of All creation to bless their meetings then follow by reciting The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. I agree with both actions to open meetings.

I do listen very closely to the invocations where ever they are given to see if I agree with what is being asked of God to bless, is it something I can say Amen to, being translated to Let it Be, or just remain silent and not endorse.

I do not take this action lightly as I am giving my stamp of approval on what is being asked of God. I also take the Pledge very seriously. I have been Pledging my Allegiance to our Flag and Nation since I was in 1st grade at Cactus School in Campbell County, Wyoming, a one room schoolhouse with grades 1 thru 8. 

I am a citizen of the United States and live in the Great State of Wyoming. I love them both equally and agree with both Constitutions.  Whew, now I feel better after getting that off my chest.

I see the State and Federal Constitutions have similarities to the Old and New Testaments, the fact you need them both to understand and validate the Truths held within each one.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

How we can recite this pledge and dedicate our hearts and minds to these precepts and at the same time see our own government as the enemy is beyond me.

We have a Constitutional Republic set up with Senators and Representatives both in the U.S. Congress, State Legislature, Executive and Judicial branches. We need to support and rely on these institutions to ensure our rights are protected.

These people that we elect, once elected represent all the citizens not just those that voted for them. That is a very difficult job.

The checks and balances of our election system was put in place to make sure our Constitutional Rights are preserved and protected.

I believe it is important to give our support and encouragement to our elected officials so they can better serve us the “electorate”. (the difficulty is practicing what I am preaching concerning the Biden Administration, call it a work in progress).

Governor Mark Gordon is responsible to ALL the citizens of Wyoming. Part of that responsibility is a good healthy relationship with our Federal partners.

Just because he has that relationship some like to ridicule his actions by saying he is doing Wyoming a disservice by receiving assistance, bailout or being propped up from our Federal Partner. That is a misguided perception and completely wrong.

We have a Partnership that allows give and take. It would benefit every citizen to better understand the parameters of our Partnership with the Feds myself included. With that knowledge then maybe, we would not be so easily led into the conspiracy trap.

 I have supported and voted for Governor Mark Gordon from the first time I meet him in 2018 at the Wyoming State Republican Convention in Laramie Wyoming.

I gave my support because I believe he has the best working knowledge of how this State/Federal Partnership works. With His time spent as State Treasurer he gained the intricate knowledge of the funding model of our State.

He is a brilliant man with a compassionate heart for every person in this Great State. He and Jennie have endured the harshest of criticism while conducting themselves with the utmost integrity.

In summation Wyoming accepting Federal program funding as a result of Governor Gordon declaring and maintaining the State of Emergency is just one more example that we have a steady hand at the wheel that knows how to operate in this permanent partnership with our U. S. Government. 

I write this in response to comments on social media and conversations with friends (yes you can remain friends even with differing political views) that ridicule our Government and our Governor.

We either support our Governments both State and National or we don’t. Not a lot of grey area.

I am still working on honoring my pledge and disagreeing with our present administration that does not seem to honor the Pledge of Allegiance or even see’s the need to Stand for OUR National Anthem.

I believe All of our elected officials especially the Republicans need our support to maintain our firm foundations, our Constitutions.

Thank You

Doug Camblin

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Dave Simpson: Who Cares? Let Our Kids Pay!

in Dave Simpson/Column

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“Why do you care about the debt?”

A guy I have known for decades asked me that question five years ago.

He added, “We’ll be dead by the time the day of reckoning arrives.”

Simple as that. No brainer.

I replied, “How can you look at your grand kids and justify this kind of debt?”

It was a stunning moment of realization. I didn’t have grand children at the time. But it didn’t seem to make a hill of beans difference that this guy’s grand children would someday be saddled with the debt we run up every year,

“We’ll be DEAD!” he repeated, as if I somehow didn’t understand.

As our esteemed lawmakers in Washington go about heaping ever more debt onto our $27 trillion national debt, let’s give some thought to what this all means.

–  If you suggest that $27,000,000,000,000 in debt is a tad much, (gosh, do you THINK?) you may be thrown into the Hatfield/McCoy maelstrom. If you are a Hatfield, a McCoy throws it in your face that the Hatfields raised the debt, so who are you to talk about debt? And they hate you.

And if you are a McCoy, a Hatfield throws it in your face that the McCoys raised the debt too, so who are you to talk about debt? And they hate you, too.

(There’s a certain symmetry to this.)

We apparently hate each other more than debt, and few seem to notice that whoever we elect, they have spent about $1.36 for every $1 they actually collected over the last 20 years. And that’s how you end up with $27 trillion in debt. (Shazam!)

And don’t forget – it’s a BIPARTISAN debt.

Few make the point that all of us – or more accurately, all of our grand children – will end up paying for the wild spending of both the Hatfields and McCoys, who in the 50 years since I graduated from high school only managed to balance our annual budget five times.

(Don’t try that in the private sector. Back in my working days, if I had submitted a budget spending $1.36 for every $1 I brought in, I would have been out of work as soon as my budget arrived at the home office. Lickety split.)

Can’t we even agree that normal people like us, solvent Republicans and Democrats alike, have to rein in these world-class spendthrifts from both parties? Are we so stupid, or so steeped in hatred for each other, that we can’t even agree on something as obvious as THAT?

Good Lord, how did we end up with so many big spenders running our country at one time?

– Bear in mind, $27 trillion in debt will soon be a quaint memory, as the $1.9 trillion Covid relief blowout is being followed by a $2 trillion (maybe more) “infrastructure” blowout, to be followed by another trillion dollar blowout for whatever Joe Biden and his wild-eyed progressives dream up next. Even some Democrats (like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers) think the orgy of spending has gotten out of hand.

Suddenly trillions, instead of hundreds of billions, are the coin of the realm.

And few seem to care how much of this money is borrowed.

The emperors, from both parties, have no clothes

– Think this tidal wave of borrowed money isn’t having an effect?

If you listen to the experts on TV, you might get the idea that inflation is well under the control of our high-powered officials in Washington. If only that were true.

The real estate section of our local newspaper lists what I would call shacks selling for $200,000. Real estate agencies are crying for listings, as sellers take advantage of a hot market, and buyers put the free federal dollars flowing into their accounts to use.

Priced steaks at the grocery store lately?

And a standard 2-by-4 at the lumberyard in our town now goes for $6.98. Six years ago, when I finished my basement, I was paying $3 for that same 2-by-4.

Tell me, folks. Are we so stupid that we believe flooding the market with all this borrowed money isn’t having an effect?

I rest my case, Your Honor.

Dave Simpson can be contacted at

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Dennis Sun: High Taxes Being Proposed Will Hurt Wyoming Agriculture

in dennis sun/Column

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By Dennis Sun, Wyoming Livestock Roundup

We are hearing more and more news from Washington D.C. about higher taxes coming our way. For those in agriculture, this is bad news as taxes are always bad for agriculture.

The taxes we are talking about are capital gains taxes, estate taxes and corporate taxes, to name a few. The dollars we pay go straight to Washington D.C. and most do nothing to help our lives.

If one is in manufacturing, and the corporate tax rate goes up, they just pass the costs on to the consumer. In other words, they raise the cost of the product to compensate for the tax.

However, in agriculture, where our products are commodities, the price is dictated by supply and demand. This means when I sell cattle I can’t say, “I want 20 cents per pound more to pay the higher taxes.”

When one sells grain or other crops, adding on extra costs will leave producers with a product no one wants – if products are overpriced, they will not sell.

Higher taxes will just make the farmer or rancher manage for tax write-offs to lower taxes instead of other management decisions to help the farm or ranch grow or, as some say to their accountant, “I want to pay the lowest taxes you can get me and still keep me out of jail.”

To some politicians, taxes are a game. This was explained to me by an article in the Washington Examiner titled, “The real reason Biden and the swamp want higher corporate tax rates.”

The article starts by saying, “Economists will say hiking corporate tax rates doesn’t help the working class or middle class. Budget wonks will say hiking the corporate rate won’t raise very much revenue.”

It continues, “People who understand business and taxation will explain higher corporate tax rates mostly increase economic distortions by pushing corporations to structure their spending more around tax avoidance, effectively letting the tax code and politicians dictate business decisions. Politicians will say this is the point.”

They say, always remember why half of Washington wants higher tax rates and why nearly all of Washington wants a complex tax code full of loopholes, exemptions and exceptions to exemptions – they want to force businesses and earners to seek Washington’s favor. They want people to play the game, and we have to.

High taxes cause everyone to hire someone to look for loopholes and exemptions and this will give special interest lobbyists more work, which will make the politics in Washington, D.C. larger.

Big government needs big politics to survive. Higher taxes cause businesses to focus their management on finding loopholes to pay fewer taxes instead of growing the companies and hiring more people. So we play the games.

Today, we are in a global market and this is especially true for agriculture. As higher taxes cause higher prices for the inputs ranchers and farmers need, American products will not sell well on global markets. Overseas markets will look away.

Big companies in America will look to move their headquarters and manufacturing plants to countries with lower corporate taxes. We have seen them do it before.

The American economy is trying to recover from the pandemic, and higher taxes will only put this recovery at risk.

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Rod Miller: We Need To Get This Right

in Column/Rod Miller

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By Rod Miller, columnist

Wyoming doesn’t need to be a microcosm of the rest of the country if we her citizens don’t want that. There is no reason why a state as small and intimate as our should be whip-sawed by political events outside our borders.

We can and must craft a government in Wyoming that serves us, and doesn’t serve national interests. We must do that at the street level of government.

The business of our democratic republic is conducted on a personal level, every day and every night, on the streets of America. As citizens interact with police, it represents our self-government at the cellular level and we need to get it right.

The national debate over the enforcement of laws in our country, and the conduct of law enforcement professionals in their interactions with citizens, is timely and necessary. The national debate over lawlessness in the streets, and the conduct of citizens as they exercise their constitutionally-protected rights of speech and assembly is also timely and overdue.

Nobody gets a free pass to end run the Constitution, not citizens, not police. For either, or both, to act otherwise weakens that document and the rule of law. And it is not up to either side to make sure the other toes the line. Its up to each to keep themselves in line.

This is the Social Contract, to live together peacefully and safely through common endeavor. This, like any contract, requires hard work.

Its very simplistic to apply this to a nation of 350 million individuals in a time of great social turmoil, But it is much easier to apply to a state of around half a million which claims as one of its virtues neighborliness. Our Constitution is our social contract with each other as citizens and it demands our common labor.

The Wyoming Legislature took a look at a couple of bills on this subject, but decided to pass. Unwisely so, in my opinion. This debate is overdue. If this debate won’t occur at the state level due to legislative intransigence, then it is left to smaller, more local units of government to step up.

The City of Laramie has, as the result of a deadly shooting by a police officer, initiated a citizen oversight group wherein both law enforcement and the citizenry will, hopefully, work on solutions at the municipal level, where the rubber hits the road. Cheyenne has a similar citizen/police working group in place. Work like this will help make sure that we get it right.

We have damn little control, if any, over what happens between citizens and law enforcement in our major cities, or in our national capitol. We watch on the news, we get pissed off, and we spout off, but we can’t do anything.

We DO have control over how we Wyomingites interact with our citizens with badges, and they with us.

The city cops, the sheriff’s deputies, the game wardens, the brand inspectors and the highway patrol officers that are sworn to protect us are our neighbors They are not faceless D.C. bureaucrats who drink tea with their pinkies stuck out, nor are they some deep-state goon squad dropped from black helicopters.

The citizens of Wyoming are also our neighbors whom you see on the streets and in the stores, who always return a borrowed garden hose. They revere the Constitution and aren’t shy about expressing that reverence in the streets when they have a good reason to do so. They are not bused in from Portland to cause trouble.

We should be able, as neighbors, official and civilian, to sit down together and discuss how we collectively want our streets safe and our rights protected. I hope the Laramie and Cheyenne prototypes show us all how to do just that. Maybe we should take that model and run with it.

It has been several decades since Wyoming’s body of statutes that govern law enforcement has undergone a critical review. Perhaps its time to revisit that code, and to examine our statutes together as citizens and law enforcement professionals with an eye toward a legal framework that works for all citizens in 21st Century Wyoming.

If we can do this at the level of our Wyoming streets, then we inoculate ourselves from craziness and disorder outside our borders. We may not be able to convince 350 million Americans to fulfill their social contract, but we can make damn sure that we 550 thousand Wyomingites honor ours.

We need to get this right.

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Cowboy State Daily Donors Offer Up Fan Mail, Too – We Love It! Keep It Coming

in Column/Bill Sniffin

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By Bill Sniffin, publisher

Dear friend,

We love the donations and we love the nice comments from donors, too!

For example, Doctors Michael H. Erlich and Stephanie S. Erlich from Cheyenne sent in a nice check with the following comment: “Your unbiased, well-written journalism is a rarity these days. Thank you very much.” And thank you for those kind words. Our professional and experienced staff works hard to living up to the standards you are seeking in your daily news source.

From her ranch near Lingle, Carol Morrison sent us a nice check with the following comments:

“Cowboy State Daily is my connection to the rest of the state. I scan the Daily when it hits my email, read through it quickly then come back later in the day for a more in-depth perusal of the articles.”

Carol hails from the famous 7X Ranch, which is famous for its fantastic Angus cattle, some of the best in the world.

She continues: “I enjoy how the columnists dial into the pulse of Wyoming making it very easy to relate to many topics that are written about. Adding humor to the mix just ramps up the columns. Jimmy Orr never fails to amuse, in addition to being right on in his commentaries. Don Day’s podcasts are a must listen to every day to get weather info not available elsewhere.” Then she adds: “Updates of 399 and her brood are a must read, too.”

Letters like Carol’s are priceless to us.  We really are striving to provide the best statewide journalism available her letter just provides us further incentive to work hard.

We had over 120 responses on the first day of our Spring Fund Drive and the checks and credit card payments are coming in.

With COVID pretty much in our rear view mirror, now is a time to be optimistic and look ahead.  Cowboy State Daily has never been more popular and with that in mind, we invite you to donate to us for our Spring 2021 donation drive.

During tough times like we saw in 2020, it helps to have someone to turn to. In the past year, Wyomingites turned to Cowboy State Daily in record numbers.

We anticipated your questions and we provided the answers.

Our staff answered these questions with nearly 2,000 stories, photos, videos, and by providing a daily newsletter to thousands of readers. That journalism helped thousands of people better understand how our state’s policies would impact their lives. 

To top it off, the Wyoming Legislature just finished its session and we feel nobody covered the issues better than Cowboy State Daily.  

Thanks for helping us continue our mission of keeping Wyomingites informed. In a year when information literally saved lives, we came through, thanks in no small part to your loyalty, which means so much. 

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