Live Coverage From Trump Rally: Trump Rally Concludes

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By Jimmy Orr, editor. Photos by Matt Idler.

Note: To watch the rally, go here:


And that concludes our live coverage of President Trump’s rally in Wyoming. Thanks for being with us for the last eight-plus hours. Excuse the typos. We’ll have full stories posted on our site soon. Thanks again.


He’s building up the crowd again for the big crescendo.

Thank you very much, Wyoming. Rally over. Standing O.

6:10pm The rally is concluding. What a marathon.

But not over yet. “Under God, we are the American nation. We are the greatest nation on Earth.”


Going through the speech on the teleprompter now. He was winging it for some time.


From Cheyenne to Sundance to Gillette to Jackson to Casper, this state was built by some of the toughest men and women. Wyoming was forged by ranchers and lawmen and by a roll call of legends like Buffalo Bill Cody. We love Buffalo Bill.


It sounds like Trump is wrapping up.

We will restore patriotic education to our schools. We want our children proud of our country like they our in Wyoming.

In conclusion, our MAGA movement, Make America Great Again is the greatest movement in the history of our country. We are standing up against entrenched vicious opponents. Despite the outside dangers, the sick internal people are the greatest danger. They hate our country.

“The nation does not belong to them. It belongs to you,” he said to much appause.


“We will end catch and release, we will end chain migration, and we will finish building the wall. We built 500 miles. We will stop the Democrat crime wave. We will give the police the respect they deserve. And we will not take legal protections away from the police and law enforcement.”


“We are going to take back the White House in 2024. But first we have to secure a massive victory for Harriet Hageman. So get your friends, get your family, and vote for Harriet. A great woman and a brave woman. Thank you, Harriet.

“We will fight for more jobs and more factories to stamp that beautiful phrase. ‘ Made in the USA.”

“Last month, 141 different countries were represented by illegal aliens who came into the U.S.

“We have to reinstitute the Remain in Mexico policy. We will re-oppose Title 42. We still strengthen the patriots in ICE.”


Trump calling for a landslide so big “that the left cannot steal it.”

“We are going to take back the House, the Senate, and we are going to take back of America.” Chants of USA, USA, USA begin.


Columnist Rod Miller chimes in: “I can barely type, but I’d really appreciate it if one of you could score me a Harriet Haggerty Screaming Eagle Turquoise Scratch & Sniff Coozie from the swag table. Extra Large, if they have one.”


“Just having left Texas, they are devastated. The U.S. is devastated. The world is devastated,” he said of the school shooting.

“We spend trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before we nation-build, we should be making our schools safe.”


He’s spending a lot of time on the transgendered athletes issue. “This is so discriminatory against women. And nobody wants to do anything about it. I am a competitive person and if I were a women’s basketball coach, I would ask Lebron James if he had any thoughts about turning into a woman and then if so I would recruit him.”

That was an interesting aside.

“We will get Critical Race Theory out of our schools and our military,” he said. The crowd stood up.


Trump discussing Lea Thompson, the transgendered athlete from University of Pennsylvania who set collegiate records competing against women.

Sen. Wendy Schuler in Wyoming introduced legislation that would ban transgendered athletes from competing in women’s events. It was not introduced in the House although it passed the Senate. She is running again on that issue.


Trump now talking about the big screens and gets laughs from saying his hair is getting thin.

What’s more fun than a Trump rally?” he asks the crowd.

“When I met your governor, he informed me that this would be the biggest rally in the history of the state,” Trump said. “Biden couldn’t say that.”

He said Biden would get mixed up a lot during the campaign.

“We will keep men the hell out of women’s sports, is that ok” he said. The crowd responds positively.


Herschel is going to do great, Trump said of the former Heisman Trophy winner who won the Senate primary in Georgia.


Had to let the dog out.


So it really boils down to January 6 and the impeachment vote thereafter, it would seem just based on voting and most policy.

It is odd, to some, for Cheney to be called a RINO when she voted with Trump 94% of the time.


Low taxes, low regulations, powerful military, and taking care of veterans, Trump just mentioned. That’s something that Liz Cheney favors too. It is interesting how much they agree on versus how much they disagree on.

It’s all pertinent because remember, Cheney voted with Trump 94% of the time. One of the highest in Congress and much higher than the woman who replaced Trump in leadership, Stefanik.


Remember when COVID started, both Trump and Cheney agreed on things. Trump called it the Chinese virus and Liz blamed the virus on the Chinese eating bats. There is a tweet from Cheney that was considered controversial back in early 2020 about that.


Again, Trump is saying things that most in the Republican Party in Wyoming would agree with.

He is now explaining when he calls people “smart” who aren’t necessarily liked by Americans (like the Taliban), he isn’t praising them, he is merely calling them what they are. Someone can be smart without there being an affection for them, he explained.


Now Trump is calling out Royce McCollum, the sister of Rylee McCollum, the Jackson, Wyoming Marine who died in Afghanistan.

“Thank you Thank you. She lives here. Thank you very much.”

“We had the biggest tax cuts ever, historic job numbers, the least regulations,. We had 164 million people working. We were doing things that nobody has ever seen.”

“And we had right to try, the right to try medicines if you are terminally ill. And thousands of lives were saved. We took away the liability and we saved thousands of lives.”

Trump is calling the wind power industry “the most expensive industry now.”


“We had $1.87 per gallon gasoline. Now it’s going to close to $9.00 per gallon today.” Not certain where the $9.00 per gallon gas is. But it’s over $5.00 per gallon in some parts of Wyoming. And it’s over $6.00 per gallon in California.


A lot of what Trump is saying would appeal to most Republicans in the state. Not all of what he’s saying but there would be few Republicans likely to be pleased with the Biden administration so far.


He called Biden’s presidential effort, so far, a “breathtaking failure.”

“Foster was a good man. Lynn was on our side right from the beginning,” Trump said. “You were on our side before Foster but we won’t say that because we don’t want to make him upset.”


Now he continues to introduce other speakers. He just pointed out Wyoming state Sen. Bo Biteman. “Looking good, Bo.” Reminder that Bo Biteman apparently was bumped from speaking today.

He just called out Mr. Pillow. Big round of applause for Pillow.

“Does anyone want me to run again,” he asked of the crowd.

Everyone is standing up. That’s a big winning line here


He just introduced Frank Eathorne to much applause. “Thank you, Frank. He’s different. He always has to sit in a different section. You stand out because you’ve done an outstanding job. If you don’t win, you’ve done a lousy job.”


It’s a crowd pleaser when Trump discusses his doctor and how his doctor said he was healthier than Presidents Obama and Bush.


Trump said he doesn’t want to emulate France but many countries have paper ballots and one-day voting and that is what he prefers and the crowd agrees with him.

“If we’ve learned one thing from Trump, it’s that our elections are seriously flawed. And our borders are a disaster. We went from the strongest borders to the weakest borders.”


Trump back on stage and now he’s speaking to some of the crowd.

“The primary is Tuesday, August 16. Absentee voting, I hate to use that term. We should have one-day voting with paper ballots.” The crowd approves.


Now he calls Harriet back to the stage.

“Do you miss him yet?” Harriet asks the crowd.


Back to Liz and Harriet. “Harriet Hageman will be a true champion of Wyoming. Fourth generation. She will fight for Wyoming’s incredible farmers and incredible ranchers.”

“China was taking advantage of our ranchers and farmers. I took out $28 billion and gave it to the farmers and ranchers. And then we made a great trade deal. We got rid of NAFTA. I told the farmers to go out and buy more tractors and more land.”

“Harriet will fight to unleash vast resources, strong on crime, strong on borders, strong on First and Second amendments.”

She is endorsed by practically everyone and most importantly she is endorsed by me.”


He says of NATO. The money came roaring in when he told the NATO nations that the U.S. wouldn’t protect them unless they “paid up.”


Bill Sniffin chimes in: “This is vintage Trump. Great speech. A true love fest.”


“Our greatest danger is the sick people within our country,” Trump said.

Now he’s back to Liz, kind of.

“I ended his pipeline and Biden gave it back to him,” he said of Putin.


That tangent went on for a long time. But he brought the crowd back in by talking about his accomplishments in generalties.

He is bashing Chris Wallace now and is praising Chris’ Dad, Mike Wallace.

“Remember back when Saturday Night Live used to be good,” he said.

And he’s bringing up Jon Lovitz. And going back to the “fake news media.”

Will he get back to Harriet and Liz soon?


Trump talking about Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager. Crowd is not as interested. But he’ll pick it up as he always does during these rallies.

“They created a fake story about Russia,” he said.

“Despite going through 2 1/2 years of hell, we did more than any other president in the history of our country.”


He’s promoting the Truth Social social media service. He’s still not going back to Twitter. “I’m not going back to Twitter because we have truth on our side,” he said. “Get off Twitter.”

Photo by Matt Idler


There could be a third world war because the stupidity that is going on now, Trump said.

“We could end up in third world war and I thought it wouldn’t be possible. I completely rebuilt the US weaponry and in rebuilding it, we also rebuilt and renovated the nuclear weapons and I hated to do it because I know of the power. China is doing things they would have never done.

“We have never been in a weaker position and a lot of it had to do with the way we withdrew from Afghanistan,” he said.


Now Trump is talking about crowd size again. And now on to Ukraine. “It’s a terrible thing. You need to get back to the table. It would have never happened under me.

“I really respect Chuck Todd when he asked why didn’t this happen under Trump.

“Under Bush, they lost the country of Georgia. Obama, they lost Crimea. Under Biden, they lost everything. And under Trump, they lost nothing.”

“Same thing with China. They have these big impressive bombers flying over Taiwan.

“I told the presidents of Russia and China they couldn’t do it. There was zero chance. They only thing that is keeping China out is they are seeing how badly Russia is doing.”


“I got to witness Harriet’s speaking ability just minutes ago and you are good, Harriet. No one is going to take you on.”

“This is a symbol ,” he said of Wyoming’s race.

“With Liz Cheney’s support, the un-select committee has turned the House into an instrument of political torment.

“The worst person of all is Liz Cheney. She is helping to completely cover-up the videos, the real videos of what really happened [on January 6,” he said.

“We want to know what really happened to the election,” he said, mentioning that Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 national guard troops.


“You are at the top of the list,” he said of the upcoming Wyoming vote. This is the most important election that we have. Right here in Wyoming. You are going to be hit hard. They want to win it because they want to hurt Trump, Harriett. I hate to say it.


“The phony narrative that Liz Cheney is pushing is an all out war on free speech. The persecution of the January 6 political prisoners. How many people from ANTIFA are still in jail? How many people from Black Lives Matter are still in jail? How many people who have killed people are still in jail?”


“Liz Cheney was censured by the Wyoming GOP. I love the Wyoming GOP,” he said. I’m very proud of Frank Eathorne. You will tell Liz Cheney, Liz you are fired. Get out of here. Get the hell out of here.”


“What a load of crap,” he said of the January 6 insurrection.

He said there is another fake story coming.

“I’ve been investigated by more than Billy the Kid and Al Capone,” he said.


“Liz Cheney has aided and abetted in … witch hunt in history,” Trump said of the January 6 committee.


“I think she looks good,” Trump said of a photoshopped image of Liz Cheney with George Bush’s face implanted.


“When I was in office, we were respected. No one was going to war with us,” he said.

“We didn’t have to go to war for people to know we were the toughest,” Trump said.


Trump now talking about Scotter Libby and the pardon he gave him. “George Bush should have done it long before me.”

“The Cheneys never met a war they didn’t like,” Trump said.

“We do it by habit,” Trump said of entering new wars.


Trump said in Texas they are 33-0. Said they swept Arkansas. Mentioning that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be next governor in Arkansas.

Said they did great in Georgia. “Couple little problems we had in Georgia,” he said. “When you allow Democrats

Trump said he told Gordon at the airport that Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the Republican primary in the state. He said he got a nice hat from Gordon. “I told him I don’t need hats. I need Democrats not being allowed to vote in Republican primaries.”


President Trump delivers remarks.

Takes a shot at the fake-news.

“There is no RINO in America more than Liz Cheney,” Trump says. He does pronounce Harriet’s last name correctly.

“She has gone crazy,” Trump said of Cheney.


President Trump is on stage.


Holy cow. It’s over. Did she only get 7 minutes?

Village People’s YMCA is playing. Bam. Fast. Point by point by point. Done.


Again, she is going thru her speech very rapidly. Maybe it’s because she got pressure to move quickly because of main speaker?

“He knows that I am that person who will represent you, your families, your businesses, that I will always put America first, America’s energy first. and I will do everything in my power to make America great again again.

“We are putting everyone on notice that we are taking our country back.”


She is going through her speech pretty quickly. Getting huge reaction from crowd. She may want to slow down a bit and milk it.

“We’re fed up with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the CDC. the WHO, and the misinformation campaign surrounding Covid-19

“We’re fed up with Anthony Fauci”

We are fed up with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi.” Chants of Go, Joe, Go are being heard.

“We are fed up with Dems who want to take away our rights. We are fed up with the January 6 Commission who think they can gaslight us. We are fed up with those types of Republicans”

“And we are fed up with Liz Cheney.”

Crowd goes wild.


She’s going through a litany of what Wyoming is “fed-up” with. Illegal immigrants, abortion industry, liberal media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube for blocking conservative speech.


Harriet Hageman on stage now. She starts off her speech by giving her credentials. Where she’s from, where she went to school, and how she’s fought for Wyoming. Very well-received.



Matt Idler believes it is nearly full. Bill Sniffin concurs. The RightSided broadcasters are awful.

They bash Cheney, which many will do, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. The Rod Stewart hairdo guy wasn’t aware that there was any oil in Wyoming. And his co-host continues to call Harriett Hageman, Harriet Haggerty or Harriet Hagofsky.

They are not allowed to pontificate on Wyoming as they have no idea what’s going on here.


Now these broadcasters are bashing Starbucks for whatever reason, we don’t know. Thank God for coffee. We’ve been live blogging this for six-plus hours now.

No word from Rod Miller. He may be out for the count. But it was great to hear from him. Remember, he opines. He gets to do that.

As for Leo and Bill, haven’t heard anything lately. We’ll check-in.


These RightSide Broadcasting people are starting to get unbelievably annoying. Awful. This is not a judgment on their politics. It’s a judgment on their broadcasting abilities. They’re awful. Cowboy State Daily’s Wendy Corr is an excellent broadcaster and we would much rather hear from her.

Bill Sniffin reports: “Great fun. I did not think I was going to get in the building because they never sent the press privileges. But they had me on the list so we got in OK. It’s been great.”

Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger is now playing.


Our friend Jonathan Downing just reminded us that Don, Jr. is supposed to speak and he hasn’t appeared yet. So, if you are playing along at home, of the speakers who were supposed to address the crowd, we have yet to hear from: Sen. Bo Biteman, Don Trump, Jr., Harriet Hageman, and former President Trump.

Jonathan is guessing 5pm is now the start time for the former president.


This from Cowboy State Daily’s photographer Matt Idler: “The media area is packed full. I got a good spot but if I move I will lose it so I may wait until after Trump speaks to get you photos of Hageman and Trump. They needed a bigger area for media.”

We told Matt to stay put and to get us great photos and we’ll post them later.

In the meantime, maybe Leo or Bill if they aren’t punching each other in the face, could send us a photo of Trump and Harriet speaking.

The big question for us now is: Will Trump mangle Harriet’s last name like so many of the speakers did? He should have a quick one-on-one with Sen. Cheri Steinmetz and she should coach him thru the pronunciation. It really isn’t that hard.


No shocker. Former President Trump was supposed to speak at 4pm. He’s running late. No big deal. No one is going to leave. Bill and Leo believe the arena is nearly at capacity now.


Elton John with Rocketman now.


Leo reports that the arena is 92% – 95% full. Bill opts for the 95% number. Bill and Leo are not fist-fighting.

Rod Miller opines (and remember Rod Miller opines — that what he does): Somewhere in the bowels of that carnival freakshow, probably deep under the stands, there is a tongue-speakin’ snakehandler who can put a perfect Monana Peak crease in a Stetson Open Road. That’s about the only reason that I would attend a goat**** like that.”


Leo just wrote us: “Crowd of people swaying in unison to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. Mr. Pillow guy still walking around. Rod Stewart-hairdo guy with pink blazer says Mr. Pillow was the only one to get a standing ovation.

FACT-CHECK: Hey Rod Stewart-hairdo guy. You’re wrong. Boebert got a standing ovation and a bigger one than Mr. Pillow. Boebert was the best-received so far.


We offered Rod Miller the opportunity to share his opinion on the rally to which he stated: “I ate too many mushrooms to think clearly about this.”


Here at Cowboy State Daily headquarters — and by the way, we have a new office which we are opening up soon — we’ve got the text messages flowing with Bill, Leo, and Matt. We’ve got Slack going on too (which is an instant messaging service), we’ve got email flowing in. We’re getting Facebook messages too.

Our friend and columnist Rod Miller just messaged us: “What a great job you are doing covering the Great Goat**** of 2022 the Fear and Loathing in Casper. Great stuff!!!”

Remember, Rod is a columnist. He gets to say whatever he wants. Like him or not like him, he has opinion. That’s what he does. We have a number of columnists.

Rod Miller and Dave Simpson don’t agree most of the time. That’s balanced opinion and it’s fun to listen to both of them.


We’ve got Bill, Leo, and Matt all attending the event. We’re watching the event on RightSide Broadcasting with the Rod Stewart-hairdo, pink blazer wearing guy. [link above]

Let’s be honest if you’re watching them too. These guys get old. It’s kind of like watching a parade on Thanksgiving Day minus the floats. There’s only so much material to fill the time. And they are digging deep into the well.

We think many would agree just let us listen to the music and shut up for awhile. But that’s just an aside and if you like them, our apologies.


Another photo from Leo’s vantage point:


If you are following along with your own scorecard, we show there are three speakers left: Sen. Bo Biteman from Sheridan, Harriet Hageman, and President Trump. We think, emphasize, think that’s it. We’ll see. The former president is expected to speak at 4pm.


Bill Sniffin sends this photo of the media at the event.


More photos from Matt.

Update from Bill and Leo: Leo has the arena at 85% full. Bill has the arena at 90% full. No fisticuffs so far.


OK. We’re still in the waiting zone. Arena continues to fill-up. Trump is flying in. And Cowboy State Daily photographer Matt Idler gave us some great shots of the first speakers and the rally itself. Enjoy.


Let’s put this all in to perspective. This is a huge event in Wyoming. Politically it’s huge. And no matter what side of any aisle you’re on, it’s incontrovertible.

There has never been the interest in a Wyoming House race before. When has there been a national interest like this in any Wyoming race? We are in the center of the political universe.

We’re in the center of it because of Liz Cheney. Like her or not, she accrued enormous political power in the United States. That was way before the Trump controversy.

She was elevated by her peers to the third highest position of leadership in the House. This is unprecedented. She achieved that because of her leadership abilities, her speaking abilities, and her fundraising abilities. Even those who despise her now have to acknowledge that she was in a far different plane than she is now.

She then took a stand against a very divisive president. And remember, Trump is in a league of his own. There hasn’t been a president like him.

So this feud became very public and neither gave an inch. Trump singled her out. Public enemy number one. And he searched for the candidate he thought would have the best chance against her. That was Harriet.

This has all culminated in to the rally today. It’s all unprecedented. It’s fascinating. It’s likely a once-in-a-lifetime political event in Wyoming.

Nothing we’ve heard so far is of any surprise. That’s not to say it’s not interesting, it is. But it’s what we all expected.

Good speakers, good one-liners, boring pre-recorded announcements, great costumes, interesting conversations, and the anticipation of what President Trump is going to say.

Like former President Trump or not. Like U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney or not. It’s amazing political theatre and we should recognize it as that and appreciate what it is.


Aerosmith playing. Train Kept A Rollin’. We took a short break.

The guys at the arena are having a really difficult time getting cell service but I did get this photo from Leo.


Back to the Black Crowes. Hard To Handle. Could be their best song.


Another break. Huey Lewis and the News is playing. ‘Power of Love’ good song from a good movie.

Rod Stewart-hairdo-looking guy with pink blazer just showed a graphic on the screen showing President Trump’s airplane enroute. Flying up from Texas.

Van Halen’s “Right Now” is now playing. One of the better songs of Van Halen 2.0. That and Poundcake are probably the best. But any sane person will agree that Van Halen with David Lee Roth was better. But, then again, Sammy Hagar on his own was incredible. So no criticism really of anyone.

Except that Sammy Hagar really needs to re-master Standing Hampton because the audio quality is bad.

Back to the rally, the arena is filling up. So dire predictions of a cavernous arena are not likely to be fulfilled. Bill Sniffin believes it will completely fill-up. Leo Wolfson may be a bit more skeptical but with Bill’s report of the long line outside of the arena, the best bet might be with Bill — if you are laying odds on the whole thing.

It is apparent that they will not be getting into a massive fist-fight over it, however. That might be entertaining for some but we believe in peace. So we’re glad they aren’t mixing it up.


Bill Sniffin reports that there is still a very long line outside of the arena. “I think we will fill this place,” he said. “And the concession stand is going forever. Lots of people outside and lots of people standing in line to get something to eat.”

“I’m wondering if Trump may show up a little early,” Bill said. “Most of the big speakers are done except for Hageman,” he said.


Now Rep. Elise Stefanik speaking via video. Again, not electrifying. She, at least, got a reaction when she mentioned she replaced Cheney in leadership but crowd is just watching.


Now House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaking. Crowd is not electrified. They’re paying attention but video messages are far, far, far, far, far less effective. Really makes you wonder why they even do them. Yawn.


Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz speaking via video now. He was supposed to be in Casper. Don’t know why he didn’t show up.


Bill Sniffin and Leo Wolfson are no longer mortal enemies. They have agreed that the arena is somewhere between 65%-70% full.


The first whiff musically of the day. Nothing Going to Stop Us Now by Starship. But this is because once they started calling themselves Starship, it was over. Horrible song. <sad>


Now we have a video from Leo Wolfson. By the way, Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop” is now playing.


Bill Sniffin vs Leo Wolfson crowd estimate update.

Leo believes the arena is 65–70% full.

Bill says it’s “filling up.”

They have not come to blows.


Now it’s REO. Perfect for the crowd. Roll With The Changes.

This is a Gary Richrath song. The late guitarist. He’s underrated. The guy was seriously talented. The song is from the You Can Tune A Piano album. Brilliant song.

Here’s a link.


I’m going to put in a request for ZZ Top’s La Grange.

Even tho the song is written for LaGrange, Texas, we have a La Grange, Wyoming.

Is there a better song?


Back to Skynyrd. Turn it up. Sweet Home Alabama.


Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well I heard ol’ Neil put her down
Well I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don’t need him around anyhow


We’re still here. We ain’t going anywhere. They are on break.

Now they are playing “Amy” by Pure Prairie League. Gotta love the song selections. Makes no difference your party affiliation, if you play CCR, then Skynyrd, then Pure Prairie League, you’re good. We can all agree on the song selections. Can’t we?

I think we can.

Back to break. Coffee brewing.

Don’t know if Bill Sniffin and Leo Wolfson have beat each other up over crowd estimates. Perhaps getting a cell service out of the building is impossible. Will let you know.


Now it’s Skynyrd’s “They Call Me The Breeze”. Another fantastic song.

The Rod Stewart hairdo guy who is wearing a pink blazer is back on YouTube unfortunately because we would rather listen to Skynyrd. We’ll be back when it starts up again. Skynyrd rules.


Break in the action. Back to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fortunate Son.

Is there really a better song for CCR than Fortunate Son? Just an amazing song.

Enjoy the song. We are going to get some coffee.

“It ain’t me, it ain’t me,. I ain’t no fortunate one, no…..


“We gotta take back the House and it starts in Wyoming,” Cammack says.

There are 80 days before the primary, she reminds. “We take back Wyoming and we save America.”

Is she starting a Let’s Go Brandon chant? She started to but changed her mind.

Now the topic is swamp creatures and draining those creatures, she said, requires the work of cowboys and cowgirls.

“I can think of no better cowgirl than Harriet Hageman,” she said.

She gets a cheer by mentioning President Trump is coming up. Now she asks the crowd to stand up.

“Are you all ready,” she asks. “Come on, lets show them what Ultra-MAGA is all about.”

Then she leads the crowd with U-S-A.


“I’m working really hard to pissing Nancy Pelosi off,” says Rep. Kat Cammack who is on the stage now.

This is a big change from Chip Neiman.

Cammack seems very much at ease like Boebert.

“I was supposed to be one of Pelosi’s victims,” Cammack said.

Cammack said she was born on a cattle ranch in Colorado and President Obama stole it from her.

She chose not to be a victim of Obama’s theft, she said and got “pissed off.”

She says she is the youngest female representative in Congress. Her peer would be Madison Cawthorne who is the youngest male but he just got primaried and lost. Unknown if she has primary competition.


Looks like the fist-fight between Bill Sniffin and Leo Wolfson may not happen. Leo is conceding that Bill’s number of 66% might be a more reasonable estimate of how full the arena is.


“We have the opportunity term-limit Liz Cheney and we’re going to do it,” Neiman says as he wraps up and then gives a nod to the former president.


Neiman is more mild-mannered than others. About at the same level of excitement as Steinmetz. Not a criticism as different people have different speaking styles.

Neiman is composed. He is quoting the 20th president, James Garfield. We’ll take his word for it. We know Abe Lincoln was 16.

He’s reading the quote by Garfield now. We’ll throw it in later. He’s speaking too fast and we’ll get it wrong.


Rep. Chip Neiman is speaking. He is telling the story of Harriet calling him and asking him to speak at the Trump rally.

He gets up on stage and encourages the audience to get on their feet.

Bill and Leo are almost having a fistfight over how much of the arena is full. Again, somewhere between 45% and 66%.


Events Center is now about 45% full according to Cowboy State Daily’s Leo Wolfson. Slowly but surely, it’s building. The question is will it fill up by the time Trump arrives.

Bill Sniffin counters with Leo’s estimate and puts it at 66%.

So somewhere in between there.


Had to take a break but we’re back. Steinmetz on stage.

“We need Harriet Hageman and she needs you,” she said.

Steinmetz, of course, gets the pronunciation right. “I have known Harriet her whole life. She will defend our fossil fuel industry and our natural resources. She will protect our ranchers, farmers, and our rural way of life.”

“Wyoming will stand for Harriet Hageman and we will restore our Republic,” she said.


Now that’s going to be hard to follow. Sen. Cheri Steinmetz is up.

No one would want to follow Boebert. She knows her crowd. She knows how to fire it up.


Boebert brings up Moses and the Red Sea and it “looks like it’s all over.”

“They stood at the Red Seaand they cried out to God. God didn’t say, “I’m sorry, I messed up,” she said.

“We are to partner with God. God looked at them and he said why do you cry out to me. Tell the people to go forward. A way was made where there was no way. And the enemy swallowed up behind them

“No matter what defeat looks like, but take a step go forward. America is worth saving. God Bless you, God bless President Trump.” Crowd goes wild.


Boebert said her favorite president is coming out to speak soon, she promised.

She mentioned how Trump selected three conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

“For the first time in three years, we are going to be able to take a stand for life in America,” she said. “Life always wins.”

President Trump doesn’t like germs, Boebert said.

Uh-oh, she’s condemning the media. “Fake media is the virus,” she said, but has all smiles.

President Trump shared a bowl of popcorn with her 14 year old son, she said.

“I know where he’s been, I don’t share food with my son,” she said to laughs.

But that’s because he’s a family man and he’s a businessman and “he loves you,” she said.

Standing ovation. First one so far.

“We love Trump, we love Trump, we love Trump,” she started the chant. The crowd continues it.


“I run my mouth a lot and I give God glory,” Boebert said.

Boebert really does speak effortlessly. She appears like she’s enjoying herself. Best speaker so far.

Bill and Leo agree. “Audience loves her,” Bill writes. “Eating it up,” Leo concurs.

I am a professional RINO-hunter, Wyoming,” she said. “And I have been told that your RINO in chief needs to be taken out of Wyoming.

“I have not found a three-letter agency that she does not want to grow, or a CNN interview that she doesn’t want to take,” she said.


Uh-oh. Technical breakdown when Lauren Boebert comes on stage. Lots of feedback.

Boebert gets the most energized response so far.

“I’m raising my four boys to be men before liberals turn them into women,” she said.

She mentioned her waitresses all open-carry at her restaurant making it the “safest restaurant ever.”

“We are not relinquishing our Second Amendment rights,” she said.

“We are not giving an inch on your right to bear arms,” she said.


“I urge you to support Harriet Hageman,” she said, pronouncing her name correctly. “When Republican values win, Wyoming wins. Ride for the brand, Wyoming.”


“Thanks to President Trump, the world knew that America was MAGA-strong,” she said.

Halverson mentioned that the U.S. was energy independent stating that “Wyoming is the Saudi Arabia of coal.”

She said Wyoming’s coal could power America’s electricity needs for 400 years. “And we want it back she said.”

“Joe Biden has contempt for Wyoming energy,” she said.

“Casper is nicknamed Oil City for a reason, she said to cheers. “It’s time to get back to America-First.”


Utah’s attorney general just spoke. But we had to take a bathroom break. He got good response though.

Now on the stage is former Wyoming Rep. Marti Halverson.

She starts off by referencing her credentials noting that she now represents Wyoming Right To Life.

“Hello, Wyoming Republicans,” Halverson began stating she was from Lincoln County.

“President Trump, on behalf of Wyoming Republicans, welcome to MAGA, Ultra-MAGA country,” she said. “This crowd is amazing. It might not be as big of a crowd as Trump is used to but I am guessing that half of Wyoming is here today.”

Sniffin and Wolfson say, however, the arena is not half-full yet.

“President Trump, this is your home on the range,” she said. “Wyoming is a First Amendment state and Second Amendment strong.”


Bill Sniffin writes: “Lots of people now coming in. Not sure why they late.” Leo Wolfson concurs: Yeah probably 30% full now. Maybe 40%.”


“Her picture is next to swamp creature in the dictionary,” Biggs said of Liz Cheney to a cascade of boos.

Biggs couldn’t get Harriet’s name right either. But no one can. Biggs said by putting Hageman in Congress, the foundation will be laid to get President Trump back at the White House.

“You are American patriots who will never stop fighting,” he said. “Harriet will be a conservative voice. America will be a shining city on the hill and generations from now, our children will be living in peace, prosperity, and freedom.”

He concluded his remarks by saying, “Let’s go Brandon!”


Both Bill Sniffin and Leo Wolfson mentioned they are surprised at the crowd. Bill writes: “Surprised at crowd so far. Maybe they are still outside? Or at concession stand.” Leo writes: “This crowd is really small.”


Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona is up next.

“Hello Ultra Maggers,” Biggs began. “It’s great to be in Casper. We love our country, don’t we. But we need a president who loves our country. Wouldn’t it be nice to have President Trump back?”

We got a guy in there now, Joe Biden, America-last kinda guy,” he said.

“I identify as being non-Biden-ary,” he said to laughs.


Wyoming Rep. John Bear comes to the stage.

Bear brought up Sen. Wendy’s Schuler’s bill that would have prohibited transgendered athletes from competing against males but he blamed Gov Gordon it not getting heard in the State House.

He also blamed Gordon for not getting a bill passed that would have disallowed crossover voting.

Bear endorses Hageman. No surprise.

“Let’s fight for Wyoming. America’s last hope,” he said to applause.


“I am endorsing Harriet Hageman right now,” Mr. Pillow said, mentioning a recent poll that showed Cheney had a 30-point lead.

He’s doing okay with Hageman’s last name.

“God has had his hand in all of this. Keep the prayers going for our great President Trump. And go see the movie “Selection Code.”


Mr. Pillow is talking about election fraud again. Says Trump won by an extra 20,000 votes in Wyoming but the election machines are all fraudulent.

“As you know I’ve been fighting every day to get rid of the machines,” Pillow said. “We need to terminate the machines everywhere.”


Mr. Pillow gets a standing ovation. Gold Star Mother just spoke. Gold Star mother batted .500 on Hageman’s last name. She got it right the first time but through in a spare “r” the second time she said it: “Hagerman.”


Wyoming GOP Chair Frank Eathorne was just brought to the stage.

Frank said of former President Trump, “I would run through barbed wire for that guy, how about you?” he said to cheers.

He said the Wyoming Republican Party is “your party” to a smattering of applause.

“Who are we and what is our purpose,” he began. “We want to elect Ultra-Maga platform candidates and we are making great strides.”

Eathorne’s remarks were very short, speaking for only two minutes. He said nothing controversial.


Sister of fallen Marine Rylee McCollum, Royce McCollumn, was just introduced to give the Pledge of Allegiance.


Lynn Friess, wife of the late Foster Friess, starts the ceremony by thanking the attendees for their support as her husband died one year ago on Thursday. She then opened the ceremony with a prayer. She mispronounced Hageman’s (Hag-a-man) last name but that appears to be a running theme for this event.


For the first-time ever (sarcastic tone), a political rally is running late. The speakers won’t be going on for another 15 minutes or so. But in the meantime, we continue to get photos and color from Bill Sniffin, Leo Wolfson, and Matt Idler.

Back to YouTube, the host Liz [insert last name here] has butchered Harriet Hageman’s last name every time she’s said it. It ranges from Hagerty to Hagerman to Haggity, to Hagosky. It’s terrifically amusing to see what Harriet’s last name is going to be next.

Tim Murtaugh, who is an advisor for Harriet Hageman, is on RightSide Broadcasting Network right now. Murtaugh was a senior advisor to former President Trump.

He mentions that Wyoming was the biggest Trump supporter in the U.S. with a full 70% backing the former president.

He said he is confident (and, of course he would say that) that Hageman will win but concedes that Cheney has a big war chest and she knows how to run a campaign.

The host Liz [insert last name here] just said something weird. She said that Gov. Mark Gordon didn’t want to legalize Ivermectin as an over-the-counter drug because he was afraid the medicine would be prescribed for cows and then ingested by the populace.


More photos from Cowboy State Daily’s Matt Idler. Just a few minutes before the speakers begin.


Cowboy State Daily political reporter Leo Wolfson writes: “Boos ring out for the audience as a video is showed where Cheney expresses her support for Dr. Fauci.”

Another photo dump from our Cowboy State Daily team: Bill Sniffin, Leo Wolfson, and master photographer Matt Idler.

By the way, the music is great. Creedence Clearwater Revival is playing now. Run Through The Jungle. We are biased when it comes to music.

Anyway, more photos:


Not surprisingly, the media is still not greeted warmly (our feelings aren’t hurt). Cowboy State Daily photographer Matt Idler shares this gem.

Cowboy State Daily’s Bill Sniffin laughed when he said the seats for the media are the worst in the arena.


Photo dump from Cowboy State Daily photographer Matt Idler and one photo from Bill Sniffin. Bill Sniffin is at the concession stand! Enjoy…


Boos and cheers rang out from the audience as an anti-Cheney, Hageman commercial played before the audience. Just for clarification, the boos were for the Cheney party of the videos, Leo writes.

Volunteer staff say they’re not allowed to talk to the media. There are at least 100 volunteers.

“Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts are everywhere.


Leo Wolfson talked to Kash and Amie Richmond of Powell who said they got in line at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, sleeping overnight on the ground to make sure they got into the rally.

Leo says a live scrolling chart of Trump’s Wyoming donors played from the video screens in the arena as the audience trickled in.

Then the trailer for an upcoming movie alleging that the 2020 election was rigged played. That movie is called “Rigged,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pillow guy continues to talk to pink-blazered Rod Stewart guy about election fraud.


Everyone is hitting the concession stands, Bill Sniffin reports.

The place is only about 10 percent filled so far. Mr. Pillow guy is all over the place. There’s a guy from FOX News here, Ed Henry is here.

The press has the worst seats in the building, Sniffin said laughing.

Lots of volunteers. It’s a very enthusiastic crowd. All ages.

You see a lot of three generations, grey-haired grandparents, the son and daughters, and then the children. They are all enthusiastic and lots of flags.

Leo Wolfson says Hageman signs dotted the road even on the approach to the Ford Center.

Bill Sniffin’s wife Nancy questioned, “How long are we going to be here? I left my book in the car!”

But she’s says the people-watching is “fantastic.”


Now back to YouTube from RightSide Broadcasting. More talk now about how Georgia’s election, earlier this week, was stolen.

The pink-blazered, Rod Stewart-hairdo guy just got back from the NRA conference, he said.

He said the protests at the NRA convention and “it was a zoo.”

He said he wanted to talk more about the NRA convention but today’s rally with Donald Trump and Liz Cheney “is the priority.”


Just got a photo dump from Cowboy State Daily photographer Matt Idler. Enjoy


Right Side Broadcasting is streaming the rally live on its YouTube page. The host, who is wearing a pink blazer and sports Rod Stewart hair, stands out a bit.


As the arena fills, comments on Cowboy State Daily’s Facebook page are mixed. Some supporters, some detractors.

“Wish I could have gone, put my flag out, in respect, Trump always respects our flag and what it stands for,” writes Sheryl Lockard.

“Will they be providing rascal scooters and meth pipe disposal pods for the participants,” wrote Aaron Kay (not likely a fan of Trump).


Cowboy State Daily reporter Leo Wolfson sends a photo of Harriet Hageman, who went through the line shaking hands and posing for pictures.


Mr. Pillow, also known as Mike Lindell, announces he will be speaking at the rally today.


Bill Sniffin, who is inside the arena, says: “Lots of shirts that said ‘Jesus is my savior, Trump is my president.'”

Meanwhile, Mr. Pillow continues to promote his products. Mr. Pillow slippers are on sale for $49.95, by the way.


Mr. Pillow continues to talk about faulty voting machines. He said a faulty algorithm was the reason that his candidates in Georgia did not win.

“It’s called a selection, not an election,” he said. “Everything in Georgia was stolen.”


Mr. Pillow announced that a trailer for a new upcoming movie “Selection Code” that alleges that election machines are all rigged will be played during the event on Saturday.

“We gotta get rid of Liz Cheney,” Lendill told the outside crowd.

“The 2020 election will go down as the most important election in history,” he said. “God has had his hand in all of this. Because we learned about about the corrupt politicians, the RINOs, and the bad platforms,” he said.

He then condemned FOX News for refusing to run his pillow ads and for refusing to discuss the movie “2,000 mules.”

“What is FOX News’ agenda?” Lendill asked.

“We need to melt down the voting machines,” he said.


Cowboy State Daily’s Bill Sniffin is in the arena and sent this photo. More to come…

Photo by Bill Sniffin
Video by Bill Sniffin


Joe’s Gotta Go

Chants of “Joe’s Gotta Go” piped up from the winding line of thousands of people waiting to enter the area.

“I’m not surprised at all with the numbers of people waiting,” said a man wearing a shirt that said “When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty.”

“We love President Trump,” he said.


Trump is being used by God.

A fervent devotee of the former president, who was wearing a hat emblazoned with “Trump Won,” said Trump was being used by God similar to the Old Testament’s Abraham, David, and Moses.

“Just liked he used them to do amazing things to continue to show his presence in this world and to demonstrate that he’s still in control, I honestly believe that God rolled-up President Trump because he cares, he genuinely has a heart,” the man said.

He said Trump supporters are the last line of defense for the citizens of the U.S. and the world.

“So it is so very important that we get this turned around and Trump is our leader and that’s why we’re here,” he said.


Attendees, as would be expected, are excited about attending the rally.

Thousands are waiting in line and when asked by reporters about the event, their enthusiasm boils over.

A woman identified as Rachael said she was attending with her parents and grandmother from Denver.

In noting this was the first time that former President Trump visited Wyoming, she, in her exuberance, widened her statement, albeit inaccurately, to say that no national politician has ever visited the Cowboy State.

“This is the first time that any politician ever has visited Wyoming, ever. No presidents have ever come to Wyoming,” she said.  

When told that President Obama, Bush (I and II), Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, (the list goes on). have all visited Wyoming, Rachael was undeterred.

“Doesn’t make any difference,” she said.  “This is the first time Trump is coming to Wyoming and he’s the only president that has ever mattered.”

Sarah, a home town attendee, said she showed up at the events center at 8pm on Friday night with a lawn chair and hasn’t slept since.

“It’s really incredible seeing different generations, different walks of life, all sorts of patriots coming together to support our country and to support our president,” Sarah said.

Sarah’s father said many Wyomingites were “severely disappointed” in Rep. Cheney and that’s why there were so many people in line at the events center.

“We believe that she’s turned her back on Wyoming and she’s neck deep in the swamp water,” he said.

As for the election, Hageman will beat Cheney, he predicted.

“If not, we’ll know that the system is rigged,” he said.

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